Entertainment #1 Tech company Google eliminating injuries from vehicle on pedestrian accidents

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    Is there anything Google isn't the best at?


    Google patents flypaper hood for accident protection


    In an ideal world, autonomous vehicle technology would bring an end to car accidents, and that’s the picture many manufacturers like to paint as they fine-tune the necessary software. Google, on the other hand, is a little more practical and acknowledges that its autonomous technology, at least in the short-term, will not be perfect. The tech company’s solution to this: flypaper car hoods.

    Since Google won’t be able to stop all vehicle-on-pedestrian crashes, it’s instead found a way to, maybe, make them not quite as harmful. Enter Google’s patented sticky hood, which would be exposed during an accident and would cause the pedestrian to remain stuck to the car rather than being launched into further injury.

    An eggshell-like coating would cover the adhesive on the hood. The outer layer would shatter during an accident and expose the sticky layer, according to the patent. As for releasing pedestrian, Google has proposed using a “releasable adhesive,” though we’re not sure who holds the patent on that product.
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    I guess their genius crew still haven't figured out how to keep their cars from crashing into things??