Crime 10 Shocking Cases Of Female Sexual Predators

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    In the late 1970s, former Miss Wyoming Joyce McKinney’s actions shocked the UK—and led her straight to prison. Her strange tale of sexual obsession involves a kidnapping at gunpoint, chaining her victim to a bed for three days of forced sex, and continuing to stalk him many years later.
    When she was 25, McKinney met 19-year-old Kirk Anderson through a drama course both attended at Brigham Young University, resulting in a brief affair. Racked with guilt due to his religious beliefs, Anderson fled to England on the advice of his bishop. McKinney wasn’t willing to let go of the young man, though, so she hired a private detective to track him down. Once she learned his whereabouts, she armed herself with a fake gun and a bottle of chloroform and set out in pursuit of her younger lover. Along for the ride was a devoted (or deluded) friend named Keith May.

    Upon arriving in England, she rented a cottage in Devon and gave May the gun and instructions to retrieve her lover. May obediently kidnapped Anderson outside his church and drove him to the cottage, where Joyce was waiting for him. After preparing him dinner, McKinney ordered May to chain Anderson to the bed, where she assaulted him continually over the course of three days.

    Anderson only escaped this ordeal by promising to marry McKinney, after which she agreed to remove his chains. He subsequently reported the crime to the police, stating that McKinney claimed her intentions were to have sex with him until she got pregnant. McKinney later asserted that her actions were in the service of freeing Anderson “from the cult of Mormonism.”

    Following their arrest, McKinney skipped bail and fled to Canada with her accomplice, where she disappeared from the public eye until she was found in Atlanta trying to sell her story to a local tabloid. After Anderson returned to Utah to continue his work with the church, she was arrested for stalking him. Police found a set of chains and handcuffs in her car.

    McKinney, now in her sixties, has had no other relationships and still seems fixated on Anderson. She claims to have received offers from Hollywood for the movie rights to her story (though all that’s come to pass is a 2004 documentary) and still proclaims her love for Kirk into old age, declaring “I loved him so much that I would ski naked down Mount Everest with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to.”

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