3-D printing struggles to enter mainstream

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    An attendee photographs a Stratasys Ltd. 3D printer during a CES show.
    Shares of Stratasys plunged more than 33 percent Tuesday after the 3-D printer maker cut its fiscal 2014 guidance for the second time and its 2015 guidance is below estimates.

    The company is also writing down a $100 million to $110 million goodwill impairment charge for its MakerBot unit, acquired in 2013 for $403 million.

    Stratasys said it anticipates fiscal 2014 revenue in the range of $748 to $750 million, down from its Q3 November guidance of $750 to $770 million.

    "Other than some of these cool examples, when does 3-D printing go mainstream?" Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple chief evangelist told CNBC on Tuesday. "I understand you can 3-D print food. That's kind of a stretch for me."

    The scope of possibilities associated with 3-D have yet to be realized, but the purpose and functionality of 3-D printing in day-to-day life remains a challenge.

    "The fact that someone can 3-D print a car doesn't mean you're gonna do it," Kawasaki said. "So it may be that we're just a little bit too early to see what's really gonna happen there."

    Shares in other 3-D printing companies fell in sympathy with Stratasys. Shares of Voxeljet fell around 6 percent, while shares of 3D Systemsdropped around 8 percent Tuesday.

    Elon Musk's idea of a fully electric vehicle was considered a radical idea at one time, however the vehicles have been widely accepted by the public. Kawasaki does not see 3-D printing following in Tesla'sfootsteps.

    "When you go out on a street in many cosmopolitan areas you see a bunch of Teslas, but how many of us can say we have a 3-D printer or we bought something that was 3-D printed? That's a little bit more of a stretch."

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    Because how many wax buddha's or lion kings does a person really need....

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    In some ways, 3D printing is becoming more mainstream. The local Home Depot has a prominent display on an endcap right at the front of the store featuring a Dremel branded 3D printer. There's only two problems, 1) the thing costs over a thousand dollars and 2) few people know what to do with it. They always set up their advertising displays showing these printers creating some little tchotchke that you could get for a dime a dozen from China. Not to mention that to make one, you sort of already need to have one.
    From a macro view, I think there's a future here. We just happen to be on the bleeding edge of the technology at the moment. Not a place where value is often found.
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    But I can spend only $2,000 for a machine to make $60 iPad easels and Raspberry Pi cases and illegal Star Wars figurines for my friends in just 2 hours each!

    I don't care what "Guy" has to say, but yeah this solution is still looking for problems.
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