4.4 million for babe ruths new york uniform

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    the bambino

    By Mike James May 20, 2012, 5:24 p.m.

    Who will end up with the prize of the sports memorabilia auction isn’t yet clear, but the winning bid certainly was enough to grab anyone's attention.

    A New York Yankees jersey that is the earliest known uniform to be worn by Babe Ruth sold for a record $4,415,658, according to SCP Auctions, which concluded it's April auction on Sunday.

    The previous record for a piece of sports memorabilia was $4,338,500 for James Naismith's founding rules of basketball.

    Lelands.com, a memorabilia auction house, purchased the jersey. Mike Heffner, president of Lelands, said in a statement, "Such a spectacular piece will find a home with one of our private clients who truly appreciates its historic significance.â€
    Several other memorabilia items also fetched record prices, according to the auction firm. A Yankees cap from the 1930s worn by Ruth and previously owned by former Yankees pitcher David Wells went for $537,278, and the Super Bowl XXV ring of Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor went for $230,401.

    But the star of this auction was clearly the Ruth jersey, circa 1920, Ruth's first year with the Yankees after being sold by the Boston Red Sox to New York in one of baseball's most notoriously bad deals.

    "We are honored to, once again, be a part of history," David Kohler, president of SCP Auctions, said in a statement.

    "This proves again that Babe Ruth is 'king' in the sports memorabilia world."

    The jersey had been on exhibit at the Babe Ruth Birthplace Museum in Baltimore. Ruth played 22 years in the major leagues and was baseball's home run king, with 714, until Henry Aaron broke the record in 1974.

    Ruth's magical statistics in relation to other players of his time are part of the reason for his almost mythical status. When he hit 60 home runs in 1927, it was more than any other American League team hit collectively, and more that all but three National League teams.

    Ruth, of course, were he around today, couldn't have participated in the auction. According to baseballreference.com, he made a little over $910,000 in his career, topping out at $80,000 a year.

    Other notable items sold by the Laguna Niguel-based auction firm were a Babe Ruth-used Hillerich & Bradsby bat from the mid-1920s that sold for $591,000, and a 1968 Mickey Mantle-autographed Yankees game-worn road jersey that went for $366,967.
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    I'm pretty sure George Costanza ruined that thing years ago.
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    Can you imagine what a Beth Ruth uneaten hot dog would go for.
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    i'm sure he defiled it often