6:45 and NO America's Got Talent ??????????

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by BenBas, May 16, 2012.

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    How come???

    So we're back to "Robin did you hear the WRAP UP SHOW??" the first words out of Howard's mouth today !! :rolleye:

    NOT America's Got Talent :rolleye:

    Wow-we....what a difference a day makes....AND low Ratings :rolleye:
    AGT comes in 3rd place....
    So Howard opens the show with WRAP UP SHOW REPLAYS!!

    I said Howard would be totally bummed...

    But not THIS OBVIOUS!! It's almost 7am..a full HOUR AND NOT ONE MENTION OF AMERICA"S GOT TALENT????? That's outrageous!

    oh...and what about Robin's Test results?? NO MENTION OF THIS ???
    NO MENTION Of Benjy's COMMENTS about Robin on yesterdays WRAP UP SHOW?? :rolleye:

    Instead we gt 45mins of listening to the SAME Scott vs. Shuli arguement???
    This is a REPEAT!
    We already heard this .....last week!
    Howard's so embarrassed that AGT came in THIRD PLACE????

    Wow....what a DISAPPOINTING opening hour....

    NOT ONE AGT PHONE CALL???? NOT A WORD...it's like he's DONE discussing AGT after shoving it down our throats for MONTHS!!!

    because the ratings sucked??

    So now it's back to THE WRAP UP SHOW :rolleye:

    Go ahead and bash me...it's ok....I KNOW
    the majority of you agree with me ...and were SHOCKED Howard opened the show with the WUS and NOT AGT!!! OR an update on Robin's situation!

    thank you

    peace & love

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