A New Way To Carry A Concealed Weapon!

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    Cops: Perp Had Loaded Derringer Stashed In Butt

    Pistol found after man was booked into Oklahoma jail


    SEPTEMBER 3--A man had a loaded firearm hidden inside his rectum when he was booked into an Oklahoma jail this weekend, police report.

    Arrested on a minor charge Sunday morning, Mark Gregory Valadez was transported to an Oklahoma City jail, where he was only subjected to a pat-down search (and not made to go through a metal detector).

    As a result of the lax screening, investigators allege, Valadez, 33, got into the lockup with a Derringer pistol inside his body cavity. The concealed weapon, which contained a single round, is seen in an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office evidence photo.

    Investigators learned that Valadez, who lives in Wichita, Kansas, was carrying after he blabbed to other inmates that he had smuggled a weapon into the jail.
    A cavity search of Valadez early yesterday morning--about 16 hours after he was incarcerated--yielded the loaded gun. The discovery also resulted in the filing of a felony charge accusing Valadez, seen in the above mug shot, of possessing contraband in a penal institution.
    Following the weapon’s discovery, Valadez was transported to a local hospital for treatment since he was suffering from the adverse impact of placing a Derringer inside his body.
    Valadez is being held in lieu of $5000 bond, according to jail records.
    As previously detailed in these pages, male inmates have similarly been caught trying to smuggle all sorts of prohibited items into jails, including crack cocaine; marijuana; ear bud headphones; a Kyocera cell phone; an MP3 player; cash; and a pot pipe.
    Earlier this year, an Oklahoma woman was charged with having a loaded revolver in her vagina when she was booked into jail on drug charges. The suspect, Christie Dawn Harris, was sentenced last month to 25 years in state prison.
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    There's a lot of that goin' around lately.


    As 19-year-old Dallas Archer was being booked into the Kingsport, Tenn. jail on Monday, corrections officers allegedly discovered something unusual hidden in her vagina: a loaded revolver.
    The Smoking Gun reports Archer was arrested Monday on charges of driving with a suspended license and taken to the Kingsport jail, where a female corrections officer performed a standard search. According to police, sometime during the procedure the C.O. found an "unidentified item" hidden in Archer's crotch. After a more involved search in a bathroom, the C.O. discovered the "North American Arms 22 LR revolver (loaded) which Ms. Dallas had concealed in her vagina," as the police report put it.
    The four-inch-long pistol was stolen last year from a car belonging to 70-year-old John Souther.
    When told by the Smoking Gun where his gun was found, Souther responded, "Oh, Gosh," and later added that he would have to give the "little fellow" a "bath in bleach."
    Archer was charged with gun possession and introducing contraband into a penal facility, and was later released on $6,000 bond.