A Wealthy Old Man, His Paid Female Companions & Beth O'Stern

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    This sounds like the type of arrangement Beth had with her benefactors here and in Arabia.

    I just came across this story. Its a few years old, but it reminded me of Beth. This old rich guy, who is 95 and still ticking had many paid female companions. His favorite was a 'model' and 'actress' Katherine Barrese (Her daughter Sasha plays Doug's wife in The Hangover films). I can imagine Beth being one of these women. Once the relationship ended in 2007, she sued the old guy for more money. She won at trial then lost on appeal.


    Here are some highlights:

    • Appellant has had at least a dozen paid companions over the last 25 years;  some of these relationships were long, ranging from 10 to 30 years.   He traveled with his companions and they accompanied him to social engagements, lunches, dinners and private parties.   Appellant paid his companions by the day plus expenses;  as an example, he paid one companion (not respondent) $1,000 per day and another 2,000 Euros per week.   Some were paid a portion of their daily rate even when they were not with appellant;  appellant's counsel writes in the opening brief that this was “essentially a retainer.”
    • Respondent acknowledged at trial that after 1992 she had sexual relations with 10 men over the years prior to 2007.   She did not think that this was inconsistent with her relationship with appellant.   For one, appellant told her that after his prostate operation he was not interested in sex and it was not an important part of his life.   Also, her sexual relations with other men she characterized as “really discrete and very private.”   And she did not let these sexual liaisons get in the way of her relationship with appellant, which was her main priority.   As far as appellant was concerned, he testified at trial that respondent was not “allowed” to go out with other men when she was with appellant, but when she was not with him, it was “all right.”
    • Finally, appellant was respondent's sole source of income between 1988 and 2007.   Beginning a few months after their relationship commenced, appellant started paying respondent approximately $10,000 a month.   These monthly payments increased over time so that by 2007 the monthly sums averaged between $30,000 and $40,000. Thus, in 2006 respondent received $432,880 and up to August 2007 she got $305,627 from appellant.3  Although respondent tried to portray these payments as an “allowance,” the fact of the matter is that appellant ended up paying $10,000 per week when respondent was with him and $10,000 a month when she was not.   Records kept by respondent herself show that the payments were correlated to the time she spent with appellant.
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    Absolutely can be the beefus, escorts are not porn stars or whores they usually are arm candy for old guys or homos maybe they have some sort of sex or maybe not. This is totally in line with "modeling" in NYC and Europe and being seen with celebrities and wealthy individuals. Also they are great "beards" since the cash makes them silent.
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