AGT taping days.

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    New York: April 8th Noon and 5pm, April 9th Noon and 5pm, April 10th Noon and 5pm.

    Los Angeles: April 24th Noon and 5pm, April 26th Noon and 5pm, April 27th Noon and 5pm, April 24th is a Wed. I assume Howard either is off the whole week or will only work Monday of that week.

    Chicago: May 8th Noon and 5pm, May 9th Noon and 5pm, May 10th Noon and 5pm. May 8th is a Wed. I again assume Howard is off whole week or will only work on Monday. He actually could work on Tuesday. The flight to Chicago is short but he always needs a full day to unwind before doing AGT so the safe bet is he only works on Monday or takes the whole week off.

    The Los Angeles week I know he is off because Beth has to suck Jimmy's dick and Howard has to eat out his asshole. They need the full week to accomplish that task. Beth will also be making many trips to Rodeo drive. You can't miss her, she will be wearing a sign saying. Hi, I'm Beth Stern and I'm an attention whore.