AGT = The New Camp Wel-Met

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    Everyone remembers Howchie's Summer Camp stories, right? His everyday life, in Roosevelt, sucked: His neighbors all hated him, the A group of lovely people beat him up, school was torture, and (according to his mother) young Howchie was afraid to leave the yard.

    Yet, all this changed during the summer, when he went to Camp Wel-Met. There, no one knew the real Howard, and (at least according to Howard's own stories) they bought his "cool" persona, liked him, and he was quite the ladies man.

    It seems that AGT is Camp Wel-Met, all over again:

    - It's only open for a couple of months a year.
    - It has a different population than Howard's regular neighborhood (his radio fans).
    - The shorter run and shorter shows allow for Howard's bullshit to go unchallenged.
    - Howard claimed to have more fun with Camp Wel-Met family than with his "real" family, and now, AGT is fun, while THSS is only his part time job.
    - By next summer, anyone who did start grr'ing at Howchie, last summer, would have had time to forget.

    Does anyone else see a pattern, here?
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    It's also interesting, after years of talk about projects he could have done but *for whatever reason* didn't do, he's actually doing something besides the radio show.

    I guess it takes a fame-hungry trophy wife to motivate you to get out and do something.