Alec Baldwin arrested today in New York today, big surprise

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    [h=1]Alec Baldwin arrested and handcuffed in New York after riding his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue and 'going ballistic' at police[/h]Alec Baldwin has been arrested.

    The volatile actor was handcuffed by police officers in New York on Tuesday and taken away in a squad car, according to In Touch with one witness telling the publication Baldwin 'went ballistic on the cops, screaming at them' during the incident which led to his arrest.

    A source told MailOnline he was stopped by police for cycling his bike the wrong way down Fifth Avenue and one of the reasons he was arrested was because he did not have any identification on him.
    By the time he was cuffed he was 'calm and quiet', another onlooker told In Touch.

    A source with the New York Police Department told the publication: 'The incident just happened, we are waiting for details at this time.'
    Eddie Cacho, a hairdresser at Dramatics NYC Salon, saw the commotion going on outside by the parking meter. He told MailOnline today that he saw an older gentleman handcuffed and still sitting on his bike. He was being spoken to by two female NYPD officers, who appeared to be Latino and in their twenties.

    Mr Cacho said the man, later identified as Baldwin, seemed sombre, was not animated and was not resisting arrest. He was in handcuffs on his bike for around ten minutes.
    A man who identified himself only as Kim, who works at the flower stall attached to Regale Deli, said he saw the man looking angry and animated before his arrest. He said the whole thing took 20 minutes from start to finish. By the end, two additional NYPD cars had turned up as back-up.
    Drew Exis, who works for the city managing traffic flow, took notice when he saw the extra police cars arrive. He saw a man being cuffed and have his head being put down as he was put in the back of the car and driven down Fifth Avenue.

    Balwdin was alone at the time of the arrest and is reported to have been cycling for exercise.
    In the pictures, obtained by In Touch, he can be seen wearing shorts, a jacket and a visor as he is led into the car by a female police officer.

    Another officer stands nearby.

    He appears calm and collected in the pictures as he is being led away while his bike can be seen propped up against the car.
    In February Baldwin threatened to leave New York because he wanted privacy.

    He told New York magazine he would 'probably' having to pack his bags and bid farewell to his beloved hometown sooner rather than later.
    He talked about beginning to 'crave' Los Angeles after over 30 years in the Big Apple because he thinks he would be able to give wife Hilaria and their nine-month-old daughter Carmen a more peaceful and private life.
    However, despite his demands for privacy, he often poses for his wife's public Instagram page, where she shares intimate family moments.

    And while Alec proclaims to hate tabloids, he sees no irony in his wife working for tabloid TV show Extra.

    Meanwhile, Alec has faced controversy in the past few years for repeatedly being accused of using homophobic slurs.

    In November his newly-launched cable show was pulled off the air after the actor was caught calling a photographer a 'c***sucking f**'.

    It came after a rough week for Baldwin, as he appeared in court for the trial of his stalker and then got in at least four arguments with journalists and photographers in front of his Manhattan apartment in the following days. As the suspension was announced, Baldwin even threatened to quit showbiz for good.
    'If quitting the television business, the movie business, the theater, any component of entertainment, is necessary in order to bring safety and peace to my family, then that is an easy choice,' he wrote in a blog post on the Huffington Post.

    In 1997, he allegedly called a horse carriage driver a 'f*****' for supporting carriage rides outside Central Park. In 2011, he was accused of calling a Starbucks barista an 'uptight queen.'

    In 2012, he called the New York Daily News editor an 'English queen.'

    Finally, in June 2013, he tweeted out a homophobic rant directed at a MailOnline reporter, calling him a 'toxic queen' and said he would 'stick his foot in the reporter's a**,' except that the reporter would 'dig it too much.'

    For that remark, GLAAD chastised Baldwin - but let him off when he wrote the group a formal apology and promised to mend his ways.

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    I'll take care of Helia while he's away. :c
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    i think everyone who encounters him should do impersonations of Monty Python gay characters

    if enough people do it, he will lose what is left of his mind.

    btw, no that is not Dave. its his brother.