Alex Rodriguez came clean to DEA agents in January

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    Report: Alex Rodriguez came clean to DEA agents in January
    Sam Gardner
    FOX Sports

    NOV 05, 2014 12:10p ET

    Streeter Lecka / Getty Images North America
    Alex Rodriguez has stayed mum on PED use in public, but privately he spilled the beans, according to a report.

    For years, New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez has maintained his innocence in the face of repeated claims that he used performance-enhancing drugs. But according to a new report, A-Rod finally came clean in a meeting with the DEA in January, admitting to investigators, essentially, that all the rumors were true.

    In a story published Wednesday morning, the Miami Herald shared details found in a 15-page report describing Rodriguez's confession to DEA investigators on Jan. 29, a sit-down Rodriguez reportedly agreed to in exchange for legal immunity.

    According to the Herald, Rodriguez, who just finished his 162-game MLB-imposed suspension, made admissions to federal agents that were "completely at odds with his public statements." The report states that A-Rod admitted to "paying (Anthony) Bosch for supplies of testosterone cream, lozenges laced with testosterone and human growth hormone injections."

    "Rodriguez injected the HGH into his stomach," the DEA report stated, according to the paper. "Rodriguez said Bosch told him the HGH would help with sleep, weight, hair growth, eyesight and muscle recovery."

    The Herald reports that Rodriguez told DEA agents that he first met with Bosch, the founder of Biogenesis of America, in the summer of 2010, and that the meeting was arranged by Rodriguez's cousin, Yuri Sucart. At the time, Rodriguez — who had previously admitted to having used steroids early in his career, with the Texas Rangers — was said to be having trouble with his knees and looking to lose weight.

    "Sucart told Rodriguez that the doctor was a smart guy and a guru," the DEA report stated, according to the Herald. "Rodriguez stated that Sucart was very aggressive and persistent about Rodriguez meeting the doctor."

    Two weeks later, the report states, Rodriguez "decided to start taking (performance-enhancing substances) specifically from Bosch," with Sucart as the middleman between the two until Rodriguez and Sucart had a "falling out" in April 2012. At that point, Rodriguez started meeting with Bosch in person to obtain the performance-enhancing drugs, for which he paid Bosch a reported $12,000 cash per month.

    In addition, the report states, Bosch met Rodriguez to draw blood "about 10 times" between the original meeting and October 2012, including once in a bathroom at LIV nightclub in Miami.

    "Bosch told Rodriguez he would protect Rodriguez's name," the DEA report states, according to the Herald. "When Bosch did draw Rodriguez's blood, Bosch told Rodriguez he would send the blood to the laboratory for analysis under a fictitious name."

    In January 2013, the Miami New Times published a story that claimed Biogenesis had been providing steroids to MLB stars, including Rodriguez. After that report went public, Bosch sold out Rodriguez and other stars, including Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun, who was later suspended 65 games by Major League Baseball. In return, the league agreed to foot the bill for Bosch's criminal defense.

    In addition, Rodriguez reportedly agreed to a $900,000 settlement with Sucart. According to the Herald report, Rodriguez told DEA investigators that Sucart had originally demanded $5 million, and that in exchange, Sucart "would not disclose Rodriguez's relationship with Bosch to MLB."

    A three-time MVP, the 39-year-old Rodriguez still has three years and $61 million left on his contract with the Yankees. In 2013, Rodriguez played in just 44 games after undergoing hip surgery in January. He hit .244 with seven home runs and 19 RBI in 181 at-bats.
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    I thought this tard died already
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    It amuses me that his cousin blackmailed him.
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    Where is ARM?

    He needs to call fatcesa and point out that Arod lied to him and fatty bought it.