@Anfkid was a troll before Dawg made him mod, and now he's a troll with mod powers

Discussion in 'Hoochie Bin' started by garypagetwo, Apr 29, 2016.

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    Third time this thread is getting posted. Anfkid is a fucking troll mod bully, and I won't be silenced about it.

    And don't say you don't give a shit because then you shouldn't have clicked on the fucking thread, you saw the title, moron.

    I was gonna do a whole expose on him and get the news team involved and everything (they've already basically agreed to do it), but then I realized I don't care enough about him to spend time on it.

    I had him BLOCKED for weeks before he was made a mod, and I honestly ONLY block people who intentionally spam to destroy threads. This was mostly a Bar issue, I see it doesn't happen here. Anfkid would constantly spam my thread with highschool-bully like posts, over and over again, like an obsessed, deranged seagull diarrheaing all over you at the beach until you have to run for cover in your car and drive home.

    I don't mind people not agreeing with me, or making fun of me or whatever, but Anfkid would spam my threads with bullshit posts, gifs/shops that others had made, and was just so unoriginal and unfunny that he had to make the blocked list.

    When he was made mod, Dawg forced me to unban him. In the beginning, he was actually nice, probably because he felt that he had to act a bit differently now that he was mod, but slowly, he slipped back into his true self, which is one of the most unflattering personalities I've ever witnessed.

    Now he has carte blanche to fuck with my account, spam my threads, change my avatar, and there is nothing I can do about it. Dawg is all about ranches and giving guns to 5 year olds and the ol' texas lifestyle, I think he wants to turn this place into the wild west.

    And as a last note, so far, EVERY mod decision I've seen Anfkid make, 4+, has been either been shot down or reversed by an admin. It's so cringy watching him try to fit into his position, it's literally like one of those experiments in the 60s where they tried to get monkeys to do certain jobs.
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    Not this shit again... :facepalm: