Anyone going to CES in Vegas this year??

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Mr Pink, Jan 4, 2015.

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    You have to be affiliated with the industry somehow but I'm sure with our creativity we can come up with some job functions which would qualify.

    According to the web site, here is what they need: "All attendees must provide credentials in advance to verify affiliation with the consumer technology industry and must present a government-issued photo ID upon arrival to the event to pick up a badge."

    I created a position for myself which sounded official and which did qualify for entrance. Didn't have to lie, just redefine my scope of duties. We flight attendants sell food and liquor onboard with these little swipe machines. So the title I put for myself was:
    "Field Tester for Wireless Point of Sale Technology"
    It's true, and they accepted it.

    Now I just need to get my ass over there, hopefully in an airline paid-for hotel so I can go check it out on my free time. Want me some freebees!!!!!!!

    What job titles would the geeks here use to qualify for free entrance?

    And where is techno beaver?!?!?!
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    This is the first year I will not be attending CES in the last 25 years. The companies don't give much out anymore. Hats, t-shirts, keychains. They do have drawings if you sit through product demos. What I use to like is the wide array of free magazines you use to be able to pick-up. MacLife, Macworld, Home Theater. They still offer some of those but it is nothing like years ago. I use to pick-up every gadget magazine plus they had general news magazines like Newsweek, Time, People. I was there when they introduced the first Mozilla Internet Browser and the introduction of Satellite TV also when Sirius and XM were first on display. CES used to be combined with gaming. Nintendo, Playstation and Xbox put their consoles on display. Many celebrities and sports stars went there representing products for companies. Jackie use to show up there on behalf of his Jokeman Jr and other crap he was selling.
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    I've always wanted to go to the avn/porn expo.

    The tech stuff I never really cared. Fuck was gary ever annoying with his tech bullshit, he knew nothing. "Sonos boff"
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    You could probably start a blog reviewing products and reposting others' reviews and meet their credentials.
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