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    Look at the spelling error they made on the female teacher with the last name of Fuchs. You can go to the link and read the article to see the mistake.

    "Shockingly, Fucks then apparently tried to convince the student to lie to detectives."

    In their positions of trust, they work with children on a daily basis.

    But these teachers have all been accused of sexual misconduct with at least one of their students.

    The suspects, who work at high schools across the U.S., have hit the headlines this week after allegedly having sex with students in classrooms, at their homes, and in a school parking lot.

    One female teacher was even caught having sex with a 16-year-old student at her house by her husband, it is alleged. She then reportedly text the boy, saying: 'Lie like you've never lied before.'

    In each of the cases, other students and staff members have been left shocked by the allegations, with one school official remarking that such claims are 'unsettling and deeply disturbing' to hear.

    Jessica Fuchs, 26, a science teacher in Washington state, is among the educators to have hit the headlines this week after she allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with a teenage boy.

    Fuchs, who is married, apparently sent the 16-year-old student at Bainbridge High School on Bainbridge Island a series of illicit text messages and videos via the social media app SnapChat.

    One of the videos, titled 'ForMyBaby!', featured the teacher naked, it is alleged. Fuchs also reportedly took the boy to her home and engaged in a sexual act with him, according to Fox 13.

    But she was caught when her husband returned home in February and saw the pair being intimate, it is reported. Shockingly, Fucks then apparently tried to convince the student to lie to detectives.

    She allegedly sent him the message: 'Protect me as best you can. Remember NOTHING COMES OUT EVER! About anything you have been to my house only once. Lie like you have NEVER lied before. Try to get your mom to side with you completely and say this was all a misunderstanding!'

    Despite the warning, the boy - who cannot be named for legal reasons - admitted to his mother that he had engaged in a sexual relationship with Fuchs, according to probable cause documents

    The teacher, who also allegedly performed an Internet search on how to permanently delete cell phone records, was arrested on Thursday and booked into Kitsap County Jail in Port Orchard.

    She has been charged with sexual misconduct with a minor, communication with a minor for immoral purposes, and tampering with a witness. She remains in custody on $100,000 bail.

    Speaking to KOMO, Bainbridge Island School District Superintendent Faith Chapel said Fuchs has been on administrative leave since February, when the allegations against her first surfaced.

    'It is very unsettling and deeply disturbing to have these kinds of charges leveled against a person who was a staff member here,' said Chapel. A senior added: 'I'm appalled by it. It's so disturbing.'

    The teenage boy is no longer enrolled at the school and there are believed to be no more victims.

    Another teacher to have been accused of sexual misconduct this week is Jenna Tarabelsi, who allegedly had a relationship with at least one student while working as a school career counselor.

    In one incident, Tarabelsi, who is on paid leave from her role at Medford Vocational Technical High School in Massachusetts, reportedly engaged in a sex act with the teen in the facility's parking lot.

    However, the nature of the sex act remains unclear, and more details on the pair's 'relationship' are not currently available. Police and the Department of Children and Families are investigating.

    They had a relationship with this guidance counselor, they trusted her, to know that she's doing this is despicable
    Unidentified parent
    One parent told MyFoxBoston.com of the allegations: 'They had a relationship with this guidance counselor, they trusted her, to know that she's doing this is despicable.'

    Officials told any parents concerned that their child may have been affected to contact the Department of Children and Families.

    Tarabelsi's future at school is apparently dependent on the outcome of the ongoing investigation. She has not been charged.

    According to the school's website, she holds two Masters degrees - one in counseling and one in teaching.

    Texas teacher Mary Todd Lowrance is also accused of having sexual relationship with a student - in her case at a number of sites, including at least one classroom at Molina High School in Dallas.

    The 49-year-old turned herself into Dallas Independent School District police on April 23 after her co-worker alerted officials that she had been in relationship with a 19-year-old boy for months.

    On Friday, it was revealed that the student had told police in interviews that he and Lowrance had engaged in sexual relations after the English teacher had started helping him with his school work

    He told detectives that they first had sexual intercourse in the classroom in late February - and went on to have sex in the classroom 'many times' after that, the San Antonio Express-News reported.

    They also had sexual contact in Lowrance's car and at her apartment, police documents state.

    '[The boy] said he liked it at first, but it started bothering him and he wanted it to stop. He was afraid to break it off, because he didn't know what she would do, as his teacher,' the documents read.

    The teenager eventually opened up to Lowrance's co-worker about their relationship.

    Speaking to The Dallas Morning News, Dallas ISD Police Chief Craig Miller said that if the student had been a juvenile, the case would have been handled by the Dallas Police Department,

    'When you get 160,000 students and 10,000 teachers, you hear a lot of rumors, and you have to investigate all of them,' Miller told the newspaper. 'And in this case, there was something to it.

    'The student has been offered counseling. We're doing everything we can for him as well.'

    After turning herself into authorities, Lowrance was booked into the Dallas County jail. She was later released after posting $5,000 and is now awaiting trial for the alleged improper relationship.

    Other teachers to have hit the headlines this week based on sexual misconduct allegations include Maris Gonzalez, 23, who was arrested on Friday after allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a minor at a Texas school, and Emily Michelle Rogers, 22, a social studies teacher, also from Texas, who was charged on Thursday with having sexual relations with a student at Christmas.

    It is very unsettling and deeply disturbing to have these kinds of charges leveled against a person who was a staff member here
    Faith Chapel, Bainbridge Island School District Superintendent
    One male teacher to have been arrested this week on similar charges is Jason Hodges, 29, who allegedly had sexual relations with a female student at Waco High School in Waco, Texas.

    He is also charged with marijuana possession, officials told the Waco Tribune-Herald.

    In relation to middle schools in America, Colorado teacher Katerina Bardos was charged this week with having a long-term sexual relationship with one of her 12-year-old male students.

    Bardos, 24, also reportedly gave marijuana to the boy (now aged 13) during the relationship, which started when the alleged victim was in the teacher's sixth-grade class at Brentwood Middle School.

    The disgraced teacher is now facing charges of sex assault on a child, sex assault on a child by some one in a position of trust and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to 9 News.

    She is currently in custody at Weld County Jail.

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