ATTN. HSS: New NYS Law Protects Unpaid Interns

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    Mar 12, 2012
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    The Gov. signed a new law providing new protections for unpaid interns including sexual harassment.

    Does the show have interns anymore??? Intern Beauty Pageant? Seems like a long time ago.


    Section one of the bill adds a new section 296-c to the Executive Law, entitled "Unlawful discriminatory practices relating to interns." The new section defines intern and then establishes anti-discrimination protections for interns. Based on a list of enumerated protected classes, employers may not discriminate against interns or prospective interns with respect to: hiring, discharge, or terms or conditions of employment; acting on applications for internships; advertising, application forms or application inquiries; retaliation for opposing prohibited practices; and forced pregnancy leave. The new section also
    prohibits sexual harassment of interns by employers, codifying both the quid pro quo and hostile environment tests for sexual harassment.
    Section 2 amends Executive Law section 292(4) to include the provisions of new section 296-c in the definition of "unlawful discriminatory practice." Section 3 is the effective date.