Baba Booey is the New President

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    Lifebeat, the music industry organization that raises awareness of AIDS and spreads the gospel of prevention, has a new president: Gary Dell’Abate, executive producer of the Howard Stern show on Sirius XM.
    To Stern fans, Dell’Abate is better known as Baba Booey, a coconspirator on many moments of mirth and mischief over a quarter century.
    Although his mission with Stern is to facilitate a good time, he’s dead serious about the mission of Lifebeat.
    His brother Steven died of AIDS in 1991 and Dell’Abate says it was an experience no one and no family should ever have to go through.
    “Even at the hospital, there were staff members who were afraid to treat him, who resented his being there,†says Dell’Abate.
    In retrospect, he says he understands some of the widespread fear about the frightening and then-new disease.
    But he says at least one truth he learned then is just as true today.
    “You need a support group,†he says. “We eventually found some groups, and even though they were ridiculously small, we wouldn’t have made it through without them.â€
    Lifebeat has become a large support group, made more visible by the support of high-profile pop musicians up to the level of Rod Stewart and James Taylor.
    Artists have been a cornerstone of Lifebeat, and Dell’Abate says one of his goals as president is to help make their presence even more prominent.
    “I’m a 51-year-old white guy,†he says. “Are kids going to listen to me? But if one of their favorite rappers says it, they might pay attention.â€
    Reaching every successive generation, says Dell’Abate, remains one of the most critical areas of Lifebeat’s work. That’s why he speaks at schools and repeats the mantra that the way to prevent AIDS, for those who are sexually active, is to wear a condom.
    Part of the problem in delivering that message, ironically, has been its success in the past.
    Unlike in the late 1980s and early 1990s, Dell’Abate explains, AIDS today doesn’t feel like an epidemic.
    “So kids think it’s less of a problem,†he says. “They think it’s cured, or that if you get it, you can just take a pill.
    “It’s true it can be managed. But that involves a whole lot more than taking a pill. We need to get that across.â€
    Dell’Abate’s ascent to the presidency wasn’t quite as hard as some other presidential campaigns.
    Mitch Slater was stepping down after 15 years, he says, “and we were discussing it at a board meeting, with maybe four to five people. Somebody said, ‘I think Gary would be good,’ and that was it.
    “I didn’t expect to be president. But I can say that working with Lifebeat has enabled me to remember my brother in a positive way, when he was alive and halthy.â€

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