Bad but funny use of "baba booey".

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    Town near me is having it's annual festival in a couple weeks and there is a story in the local paper about some residents being upset that a private business is setting up a "beer garden" in their parking lot during the festival. In the news story is a comments section and someone using the name "baba booey" posted this:

    Baba Booey Writes:
    Subject: I've got the power
    Text: The city may be "powerless" but I sure as heck am not.

    I WILL NOT BE ATTENDING either event or spending a dime at either.

    The court system should be delighted...more $$$ for them due to all the DUI's, disturbances, etc. that will definitely be front and center on these two weekends.

    Exactly what Surry County so DESPERATELY needs!!!

    Nearly spit out my beer after reading this so I made a post of my own:

    Howard Stern Writes:
    Subject: Hey Baba Booey
    Text: Greetings Baba Booey, My name is Howard Stern the famous radio DJ and judge on Americas Got Talent. I find it highly offensive that you are using my producers on air nick name "baba booey" to spew your views against alcohol consumption. Do you not see the irony of using a nick name that I, Howard Stern gave my producer to use in such a manner or is this some kind of cruel joke on your part? Please go research some of the many instances where "baba booey" is used and you will most like be so offended as to stop using it in such a manner. Peace, Love and a Baba Booey to you all.

    Don't have to register to make comments, so have fun trolling.

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