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Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by Javaforgotme, Dec 31, 2015.

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    I just downloaded the Beatle's "A Hard Day's Night" from Amazon - remastered in Stereo. Anyone else blown away by these recordings? Holy crap!!! I don't know if this was previously released - I've never heard it like this before.

    It's like I've never heard this album before. I have the boxed mono recordings from a few years ago - but now that Amazon and others have streaming versions - I figured I'd listen to the Stereo version. OMG

    I don't know where these remastered version came from. Does anyone know? It's definitely different than the mono version.

    In the good old days of pieces of vinyl - the stereo version was just the mono version separated with some instruments on one channel - and the others on the other channel. But this new stereo remastered version - is like hearing the Beatles play live. The instrument separation is awesome. You can hear some muffs - which give the recordings character.

    I don't know if the other new streaming versions of the Bealtles albums are as new sounding - but this is blowing my mind up.

    Best $7.99 I've spent in a very , very long time!!!!

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    yoko says thanks so much
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    Probably the same as the CD that came out in 2009, that 1 always had a pretty good stereo mix.
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    The 2009 remasters are the newest of the bunch. They sound fantastic and I recommend getting all the albums, but AHDN is really great in stereo and not only because it's a great record. Stereo was a fairly new technology at that time and the Beatles camp didn't really embrace stereo technology until later in the decade. This album was remarkably well done for the time and deserves attention for being great and also for being great in stereo.

    The new controversy in the world of Beatles is the new Beatles 1 (and 1+) where George Martin's son Giles has remixed the songs that appear on the accompanying DVD/Blu Ray. There are stereo AND surround mixes available. i like the new stereo mixes, but damn does this music not 100% agree with modern technology. The old mixes and masters really covered up the bumps in the road and acted as a nice glue to keep every song together. We're now getting some of the stuff they tried to hide brought to the front because - dare I say it - they have done TOO good of a job.

    Keep getting those 2009 masters. You won't be disappointed.