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    [h=1]see the bold

    Psu Game And Nfl Draft: Common Bond[/h][h=2][/h]By the time the Beaver Stadium crowd is settled in its seats for tomorrow's annual Blue-White game, the day's biggest happening in sports -- the start of the NFL draft --will be 2 hours old.
    What, you ask, does the Blue-White game have to do with the NFL draft?
    Here are three considerations: A) Ki-Jana Carter; B) Kerry Collins, and C) Kyle Brady.
    Carter, Collins and Brady are no longer at Penn State but it will take some doing to forget their contributions of last season when the Nittany Lions were as dazzling offensively as they've ever been.

    • [​IMG]

    It is expected Carter will be the No. 1 pick tomorrow with Collins and Brady among the top 10. Penn State might have not won the national championship last year, but it sure is going to win the NFL Draft Derby.
    Nice for these athletes who will become overnight millionaires. Surely, the Beaver Stadium crowd will applaud the announcements.

    The irony of it all is that Carter, who gave up his final year of college eligibility, may be missed the least.
    This is not to detract from Carter's exceptional skills, but if there is a position where Joe Paterno has an abundance of returning talent, it is at running back. The veteran coach could have as many as four tailbacks shuffling in and out like taxi cabs at Grand Central Station.

    We'll soon get to the tailbacks.

    Collins will be missed the most. The turnaround this fifth-year senior made last season is like a fairy tale. Hitch or no hitch in his throwing motion, Collins was the most productive quarterback who ever put on a Penn State uniform.
    The unfortunate part is that Collins' understudy, Wally Richardson, never got pressurized experience. Richardson played enough, but, with the way Penn State scored, he was in on mean-nothing situations.

    Richardson, according to reports from the Penn State camp, has had a fine spring, even though his leading targets-to-be, Bobby Engram and Freddie Scott, were purposely held out of some of the major drills.
    For the moment, the depth chart at quarterback is extremely thin in experience. Mike McQueary, the big red-headed kid from State College who had a clipboard in his hand more often than a football, is the No. 1 backup.
    To add to the depth, Paterno pulled Doug Ostrosky off the tight end list and made him the No. 3 quarterback during the spring drills. Ostrosky is 6-foot-6 and goes about 240. He doesn't have a lick of experience as a quarterback.
    This brings us to the tight ends, a most valuable position in Paterno's scheme. Brady was one of the best, especially when it came to blocking. He improved considerably as a receiver as the unbeaten season of 1994 unfolded.
    Keith Olsommer appears to be the No. 1 replacement for Brady.
    Now, for the running backs.
    Mike Archie and Stephen Pitts arrived at Penn State at the same time Carter did. This trio was hailed collectively as Paterno's best ever.

    Archie showed signs of flash, a la Carter. He's not as big as Carter and not as durable, but Archie can get to the hole with the best of them. He's a fine pass catcher as well.
    The kid who has been making the biggest impression this spring is the "forgotten" tailback, Pitts. "He's been running like he wants the starting job," said Jeff Nelson of Penn State's sports information staff.
    One of Paterno's favorites is Ambrose Fletcher, a freshman last year who saw considerable playing time. Paterno even had the kid running back punts last year.
    Put down the name Chris Eberly, the fourth tailback. This redshirt freshman from New Jersey has capitalized on his opportunities this spring.
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    Um huh?
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    Sandusky sure thought Ostrosky was a "tight end"