Beth's "L Word" Girl Crush is Licking Evan Rachel Wood's Carpet

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    I saw this item and the name of the actress seemed vaguely familiar. Howard did a few segments back in 2007 about Beth loving the lesbo scenes in "The L Word" The show reached out to have the actress appear on the air, but she immediately declined.

    Evan Rachel Wood Dating Katherine Moennig After Flirting On Twitter


    Marks Friggin

    Beth's Girl Crush Discussed. 02/27/07. 6:50am

    Howard said he's so jealous of Beth's girl-crush on this chick Shane from ''The L Word'' show. He said that he doesn't like someone he's engaged to having a crush on anyone. He said he was talking to her about it and she was getting all mad because he just couldn't get to the bottom of the whole crush. He said she tells him that she's not into chicks and she wouldn't do anything, but she would also turn red if she actually met this chick.

    Howard said this whole thing has been driving him nuts. Robin thinks that he's afraid she's going to leave him for a woman. Howard said if that does happen while he's still on the air there, he's never coming to work again. He said Beth is also kind of into Gwyneth Paltrow but not in a sexual way, she just likes the way she carries herself.

    Gary got Beth on the line so Howard told her he was trying to get to the bottom of the whole thing. Beth said she was blushing already. Beth said that he's asked her over the years if she's into chicks and if she was, what type would she be into. That chick is the type. The guys saw a picture of her and some of them thought this chick was kind of hot. Fred also noticed that she's a cousin of Gwyneth Paltrow's.

    Beth said she loves watching Gwyneth's acting and the way she carries herself. She got back to this Shane chick and mentioned that her real name is Katherine Moennig but she read that she goes by Kate. Beth said she gets worked up when she sees her on TV and she can't even explain exactly what it is. She said she even watches some of her scenes over and over again. She said she was rewinding some of her scenes over and over again in one of the shows because the sex scene was so hot.

    Beth said she thought Howard would enjoy this whole conversation but he seems to be getting irritated. Howard said this is the first time she's ever said that she's found a woman sexy so it's throwing him off a little bit. He asked her if she would have sex with this chick if there would be no repercussions. Beth said she just enjoys watching her naked and it's her little girl crush, that's it. She asked Robin to help her out in this so Robin tried to explain it. She said that Beth just enjoys watching her.
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    I'd love to watch them go at it. :vag:
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    Here, here!
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    I like this girl on ray donovan. I only made the connection recently that this was the girl from the l word beef used to like. She exudes nothing sexually to me, much like beef herself