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    Jan 13, 2014
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    Billy did Carolla's podcast last week (great), which is where I learned that Billy has his own podcast. Sadly, it's pretty lame. Not fun nor funny. Basically a one man show. He has a co-host who barely speaks. Does sketches were Billy does all the voices. Billy needs a writer, an editor, and someone to bounce off of. I'm currently listening to Episode 4 (of 5 so far). Worse, he has a feature called Song Demolition. This episode it's Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress by the Hollies. Billy's premise is the "Swedish guy who replaced Nash" is singing the lyrics phonetically, 'cuz he doesn't speak English. False premise: Allan Clark, original Hollies member, is singing lead. The Swedish guy replaced Clark, on their next album. It's on I-tunes or Billy's website. Only saving grace: episodes are only 30-40 minutes long. MAJOR disappointment for me. Anyone else hear it?