News Bionic penis man paying to make it smaller!

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    8 inches flaccid? How big is the beast when it's ready to attack?

    A MAN fitted with a £70k eight-inch bionic penis after losing his in an accident as a child has had surgery to make it SMALLER.

    Mohammed Abad, 44, went in for the procedure - the 121st on his remade manhood - at the weekend.

    Medics at University College, London, spent a gruelling three-and-a-half hours thinning down his penis to get it to a smaller size.

    Mohammed Abad is having his bionic penis made SMALLER Lee Thompson - The Sun

    Doctor spent three-and-a-half hours thinning down his penis Lee Thompson - The Sun

    Sun Exclusive: Meet the man with the 'Bionic manhood'

    The op was carried out after Mo lost his virginity and he discovered his member was too large and meant sex was painful.

    It also harvested some of his sperm from his remaining testicle which means his dream of having children one day could be a real possibility.

    He told The Sun: "I can't wait to try it out. I'm looking forward to 'getting the poetry in motion'.

    "This is the last push - I am ready to go. Once the stitches are out I will take the first opportunity to try it out.

    "I am not in any pain, but on antibiotics as a precaution against infection.

    "I am hoping the sperm retrieval is successful and that I will be able to father children one day."

    Mo lost his penis in a car accident in Huddersfield, West Yorks, when he was just six.


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    He had been having a snowball fight with pals when the tragedy struck.

    Mo was then dragged 600 yards along the road causing the catastrophic injury.

    Medics attached a makeshift fleshy tube and have carried out 121 operations to date to rebuild his member.

    It was created from a skin graft on his arm and works by him pressing a button on one of his testicles.

    The penis inflates to full size – almost like a balloon - and his latest procedure has reduced the width of his manhood.

    Earlier this year Mo lost his virginity to sex worker Charlotte Rose in London and is thought the love-making convinced him he needed to be smaller.

    It was created from a skin graft on his arm Lee Thompson - The Sun

    Mo lost his penis in a car accident in Huddersfield, West Yorks, when he was just six Lee Thompson - The Sun

    And he was joking after the op with staff and even showed off his bionic penis to curious men in his ward.

    He said: "When I woke up after the three and half hour operation it was inflated until they took the catheter out and I was able to go to the loo.

    "Then they let me come home. I was quite the celebrity in hospital as recognised by nurses and patients.

    "I was on a male ward with three other guys and they were asking me loads of questions.

    "I was quite happy to show them my bionic penis - they were like 'wow'."

    Mo Abad tells This Morning's Phil and Holly about life with his new bionic penis

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