Can someone post the radar online comment threads?

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by j shmuck, May 17, 2013.

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    My computer sucks and won'r dsplay the comment sections.

    Can smeone post them here so I (and others) can get some laughs?
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    I don't have time to do the screen shots/upload thing (Maybe someone else will?), so the next post will be a plain text version. Hard to read but maybe better than nothing. The first batch is just partial; there are a lot more. Hope it helps you laugh!

    :)secret: If you're using NoScript, you need to temp. allow both radaronline and disqus to see comments over there)
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    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    I think this is all a big misunderstanding. Maybe we can get together and have a beer at Chimneyville and talks things out while bowling a few games at your in home alley and nibble on some steamed salmon and vegetables and share a few grapes and almonds. What do you say Howard?

    From inside the crusty crotch Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Still tryin to smoke Howard's pipe at the cost of your GREAT cause. That of eating junk food, aging without grace and remaining 24 and stuck in the 80s til you die

    Mason Woodcrafts From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Why are you so infatuated with men smoking other men's "pipes"?

    Jackie Martling • a day ago

    This is the same man who wished AIDS on the children of his enemies & mercilessly bullied Kathie Lee Gifford (& her children) for over a decade. The wigged freak's hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    BilboBaggins Jackie Martling • a day ago

    "The wigged freak's hypocrisy knows no bounds." <--- here's the crux of why long time fans are pissed off at him. Make no mistake, the cyberbullies have a point, there is truth in their jokes, insults and ball-busting. After all, they learned from the best bully of all time, Howard Allen Stern.

    Kevin Webb Jackie Martling • a day ago


    Cynthia Jackie Martling • a day ago

    Hey guys Howard Who, oh yeah the has been????? I say go after him, the way he went after everything in his early days to get a head and he could careless about anyone's
    feelings. What's good for you is good for everyone else Howard.

    Lizzie12345678 Jackie Martling • 19 hours ago

    I did NOT mind him talkin' abofut ole HAG Kathie Lee Gifford and those BRATS of hers and that OLD FLOSSEL of a husband, Frankie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    thebutcher Lizzie12345678 • 15 hours ago

    I remember watching the old hag with my grandmother when i was a kid, and i remember her constantly going on about (brat) did this, or (brat) did that. Really, you think people care about your kids? Don't miss her ugly mug

    Kelly Ohl Jackie Martling • 14 hours ago

    Anyone who bullies that drunk laughing stock, Kathie Lee, gets a pass in life from me.

    MarkRonaldo Jackie Martling • a day ago

    just as Jamie answered I'm shocked that a student able to earn $9647 in four weeks on the inetwork.

    MarkRonaldo Jackie Martling • a day ago (Home more information)

    HateTards Jackie Martling • 7 hours ago

    That was his job. It is what he was paid to do. These losers are spending hours chasing after a guy who probably doesn't even know any of this is going on....FOR FREE. Once Stern's show is over he checks out. If anyone thinks this bothers Stern they are nuts. It's free publicity. But I'm sure the Billion Dollar Jew is falling all over himself with concern about a couple of loser internet tough guys increasing Stern's name recognition on a daily basis FOR FREE. lmao

    DaBUU HateTards • 2 hours ago

    You do realize Howard is the one giving us internet tough guys all the free recognition and publicity? He is the one hiring people to find out who the mean people on twitter are. You sound like a moron, but you have to realize he started it. So who is chasing who? SellOut is chasing us all around the internet. So that pretty much blows your theory out of the water, cockguzzler.

    NotMyBro • a day ago

    Dear Howard,

    Speaking truth to the throne is not bullying. Saying what's on my mind and how much your show sucks is not bullying. Maybe your could remind us how you wished AIDS, cancer and other illnesses on your competitors and children of celebs you were quarreling with. I never wished the same on you. Don't get your pink panties in twist over this.

    Also, if you don't want us to goof on stuff, maybe you shouldn’t post on the Internet in the first place? Just sayin'. Take some of your own advice that you're dispensing to others. Can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen you pussy.

    Your vapid and wonky-eyed gold digging wife is a giant attention whore who couldn't even gather 100k views for her new show after you paid for her gigantic promotional tour. She's only with you because you're the source of red carpets and she willingly traded her womb for few miles of it.



    Blonde Ambition NotMyBro • a day ago

    I wanted to hate your comment, but everything about his wife is true and they should not be posting and reading comments if they can't take it.

    Bruno TaTa NotMyBro • a day ago

    To quote an outstanding peddler of crafts who has overcome having a withered conjoined twin still attached to him, "Barren womb, Chimnied Tomb"

    Cynthia NotMyBro • a day ago

    Hey guys Howard Who????? I say go after him, the way he went after everything in
    his early days to get a head and he could careless about anyone's
    feelings. What's good for you is good for everyone else Howard.

    A_lawyer_who_knows NotMyBro • a day ago

    Howard Stern seems so 1994.

    Misogynistic dinosaurs eventually go extinct.

    ratbag A_lawyer_who_knows • a day ago

    Shouldn't that be 1984?

    aliendreams ratbag • a day ago

    Maybe 1994BC?

    From inside the crusty crotch NotMyBro • a day ago

    My advice to the aging former minion---when you dont like someone and hate their wife and children and wish they stayed stuck in the 80s like you, sit in your house all day and listen to the old 80s Howard shows over and over and never grow and never change like Howard did. Guess you dont like young women...perhaps you would enjoy another fat old fuck like yerself, with an old wrinkled dick and a fug face and zits all over his guys could 'make love' and spend your days reminiscing about Howard and how he let you, personally, down

    Bruno TaTa From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    This brought to you by Reputation dot com

    PM2901 Bruno TaTa • a day ago

    LMAO! Perfect!

    Mason Woodcrafts From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Pipe down, Bobo.

    DaBUU From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    No one said we didn't like his kids, they seem smart enough to not live around Beth. But I will agree that we all said we don't like his wife.

    From inside the crusty crotch DaBUU • a day ago

    so you admit that you are an aging minion stuck in the 80s

    Mason Woodcrafts From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Verbal negs for "From inside the crusty crotch": you're a dumb cunt.

    Blonde Ambition From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    You're such a mental case, you've got to be Beth. Why don't you go drown some kittens and pretend to save them.

    From inside the crusty crotch DaBUU • a day ago

    are you enjoying the old Howard shows with your fat pimple back man

    DaBUU From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    All they ever play is old shows, guy doesn't work at his first job anymore.

    BS NotMyBro • a day ago

    Aww, is someone getting scared? We'll find out how tough you are when you aren't hiding behind your keyboard. Toodles....

    Rick Brown NotMyBro • 20 hours ago

    This scumbag was all but forgotten till this artificial. Go away you filthy scum

    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    All i ever say to him is how much his show sucks, how lazy he is and goof on him for having a trophy wife while two of hid kids live in Israel and Vietnam. All those things are true. How is that bullying? Remember when he wished that a 10 yr old Cody Gifford would grow up to be a fayg? Take your own advice that you give to Eric the Midget: Get your ass off twitter if you cant take the heat. And your daughters are grown women who willfully share their images in public forums on social media. If you got a problem with that, take it up with them. Not my fault you cant control your kids like you do your employees.

    Rick Brown Gary Puppet • a day ago

    I always thought he was a stupid joke, But only in America a goof can make soooo much cash. I hope he chokes on the easy cash he made. My bet says things will not end well for this scum

    From inside the crusty crotch Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Wow...the demographic of the 24 year old superfans of Howard back in the day are still obsessed but now REALLY OLD and know too much about his daughters...find another age appropriate obsession...WHAT'S the big deal??? The big deal is you dont know how douchey you sound LOL

    Blonde Ambition From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Beth better get a life, cause we all know its her dumb ass sitting in front of her iPad reading all the bad comments about her. Go out and pretend to rescue another dog.

    Mason Woodcrafts • a day ago

    You reap what you sew, you wigged cunt.
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    Damn, must be nice to have a passion in life...
  5. Pissed_on_Fan

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    (There's of picture of a Kardashian that may be NSFW, and I need to learn how to get that little "show" button to make it optional)


    Kim Kardashian Mason Woodcrafts • a day ago

    who cares about him??? such an irrelevant post about an irrelevant person More posts about me!!!

    Gary Puppet Kim Kardashian • a day ago

    Nice milk wagons on that mud shark

    ratbag Kim Kardashian • a day ago

    The last time she was that thin, she was 12.

    DaBUU Kim Kardashian • a day ago

    I just threw up a little bit in my mouth

    VERSACE DaBUU • 17 hours ago

    Me Too! :)

    Joker Chick Kim Kardashian • a day ago

    please, make it stop

    Allie Maine Kim Kardashian • a day ago

    hahaha! This is funny, your comment.

    Rick Brown Kim Kardashian • a day ago

    Sooooo true

    Smithy Mason Woodcrafts • a day ago

    As in like making a dress? Learn how to spell before it backs up your idiocy.

    BS Mason Woodcrafts • a day ago

    How has Howard ever targeted children you bearded, basement-dwelling turd? Hey look, you also are on facebook, youtube, and everywhere else. Looks like you posted the name of your business. Maybe we can find out how much you like being harassed fuckface?

    DaBUU BS • a day ago

    Hey Sup Howard. Codey Gifford ring a bell?

    CharlieTuba DaBUU • a day ago

    Don't forget Steven Spielberg's son.

    aliendreams DaBUU • a day ago

    That's not Howard. That's Beth. BS=Beth Stern.

    JerseyShoreGiant DaBUU • 20 hours ago

    He never targeted Cody you fool He targeted Kathi Lee for the way she used to try and pimp her kids out. Big difference.

    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Dear Author of the article,

    One correction... The Stern Show can be heard on Monday's, Tuesday and some Wednesdays when he isnt on vacation and bitching and moaning about having to judge some lame ass hack talent show on NBC.

    For example, did you know the Howard is only doing 8 live shows the entire month of May? True story!

    Jesse • a day ago

    Used to love Howard, but finally had to stop listening when Artie left. But I'm glad this articles clears things up. Making fun of child Cody Gifford = acceptable. Making fun of adults Emily, Deborah and Ashley Stern = unacceptable. Good to know.

    Greg • a day ago

    Howard, the same guy that used to wish cancer on other dj's is now whining about bullying? STFU Pelican...

    Rick Brown Greg • a day ago

    He is nothing but a Jewish scum

    Dana Rick Brown • a day ago

    And your racist comment implies that you are equally as scummy.

    JerseyShoreGiant Greg • 20 hours ago

    Howard never complained about the criticism, he complained that the little pussies like to hide behind a screen name instead of putting themselves out there like he does. It's easy to attack someone when you hide behind the keyboard.

    aliendreams JerseyShoreGiant • 18 hours ago

    It's easier to be mean when you have your own show and your mewlings can reach millions of people.

    Bruno TaTa JerseyShoreGiant • 13 hours ago

    Out there? You mean out there behind the walls with armed guards, the studio with armed guards, the limo with armed guard(a dwarf, but still)? The guy hasn't been alone in public in decades.
  6. wicked smaaaht

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    I can't see them also.
  7. Pissed_on_Fan

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    PM2901 • a day ago

    I'm confused. I didn't watch Howard's show religiously back in the day, and I certainly never paid to watch him in recent years. However, I remember about 15 or 20 years ago when he mercilessly teased Fran Drescher about her home invasion and rape of her and her girlfriend while her husband and the other woman's husband were bound and gagged and had to watch. Fran just had a pasted smile on her face the entire time. Howard kept asking her if the man was black and was her husband embarrassed to fuck her after having a black man. He even made a stick figure drawing of him and asked her if he looked anything like that, etc. It went on & on and I was horrified! And, there was Robin (black & a woman) laughing hysterically, like a gassed up monkey. I was screaming at the TV! Now, he's upset that he's being "bullied" on twitter! Wow, the nerve!

    Jack Anderson PM2901 • a day ago

    Are you serious? Howard Stern made fun of a woman being brutally raped?

    And now he's complaining about what people are saying on Twitter? What a disgusting man!

    PM2901 Jack Anderson • a day ago

    Rosie O'Donnell was the only celeb to come out in Fran's defense. Back then, Rosie had her own show and was beloved. She talked about how disgusted she was to watch that show. I was surprised that women's groups didn't march outside of his show for that particular show. I couldn't believe my eyes & ears watching that. I was outraged. I was wondering why Fran continued to sit there with that pasted smile on her face. And, you know that her husband was off-camera somewhere because he was her producer/manager. Howard deserves every bad thing coming his way. It's called Karma.

    JerseyShoreGiant PM2901 • a day ago

    Because Fran isn't as uptight as you are and she understood what was going on.

    PM2901 JerseyShoreGiant • a day ago

    Uptight about rape? You're a real gem.

    From inside the crusty crotch PM2901 • a day ago

    He could be really thank god he changed. The people bullying him are doing so because he changed that type of content in his show and they continue to emulate that content in their lives so need him to validate it. For Howard it was a show, for them it was real

    PM2901 From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    It was REAL for Fran Drescher. It was real for Howard's first wife when he went on the show and made fun of her miscarriage. It wasn't just a show for Howard. He was a mean bully for DECADES! Now he's a multi-millionaire and married a young girl whose family probably doesn't like that type of behavior so he sold out. Why are you defending such a deplorable human being? Are you a woman? Were you one of the ones laughing when he put Fran Drescher through that disturbing reenactment of her rape? Yeah, Howard is a changed, nice guy. . .NOT!

    JerseyShoreGiant PM2901 • a day ago

    Married a young girl? His wife is 41 and was 37 when they married

    SoFake • a day ago

    Sorry Howard, I love you but you created all of this. You've talked and done so much shit over the years to get a laugh. Now the shit is flinging your way and you can't take it. Wahhh get over it.

    DaBUU • a day ago

    Like all great men before him that have been brought down by poontang, Howard has been found to be no different. Another great entertainer chopped down by a broad.

    HappyAsALark DaBUU • a day ago

    all great men think with their dick.

    From inside the crusty crotch DaBUU • a day ago

    Jealous. All of the moronic young men who followed Howard in the 80s secretly wanted to be Allison and Beth O. Howard is taken, go find another self-loathing homo and smoke his pipe...

    DaBUU From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    So you either know him or you yourself are wonky eye, only reason you'd be acting like a douche defender. Be honest, are you Long Face Wonky Eye?

    Loki From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Crusty: From the maddening amount of comments you have left on this page defending Stern it is obvious that you are either a member of Stern's family or an obsessed fan with nothing better to do than to spend all day fighting with every one of Howard's critics on a gossip site. Which is it?

    cromwell • a day ago

    Hey Howard. Take off that stupid clown wig and maybe people will stop making fun of you.

    cromwell • a day ago

    So, let me get this straight. Stern makes a career out of trash talking everyone, but cries like a baby when he's the target? "Whaaaaaaaa!".
    Stern fans were fiercely loyal bunch (I was once one), but once Howard turned his back on them, even going as far as saying on the air that he pisses on his them, they abandoned the King. Add to that the zero effort he now puts in his shitty show or the fact that he became Imus, is it any wonder his fans now mock and laugh at him?

    From inside the crusty crotch cromwell • a day ago

    fierce loyalty? That is what I have. I would not define a person who is not still a fan of Howard as having been loyal...ever. Choose another adjective.

    DaBUU From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    So Howard can make billions off the back of his fans, but can't take their criticism when its warranted? And turns around and says he pisses on them after we listen every day, go to his movie, buy his book, etc? Who's not loyal again?

    From inside the crusty crotch DaBUU • a day ago

    Oh. You are right. He is responsible for what you buy. Let me send you a check in reimbursement...cuz that's how the world works. You listened like a trained monkey and bought all his shit and now you say that he was a total asshole and you are mad cuz he did not continue to be an all make no sense. I personally find him endearing and realized those days gone by were simply comedy and shock for whatever the value was then to create a wasnt ever real

    WeeBaby Seamus Sterling Magoon From inside the crusty crotch • 9 hours ago

    Well then you be the dumbass that pays for 2 or 3 live shows a week on the weeks he decides to work. What's he down to? 40 weeks a year if that? Is he still out of the studio like he's on fire at 10am? Bitchin at Robin to hurry up with the news so they can be done? I wouldn't know because I stopped listening over 3 yrs ago. His show has sucked for YEARS but he still wants the money. Doesn't want to do the show but still wants the money. In the real world, when you don't do your job you are fired. Many of his ex fans have just done that.
  8. BethSucks

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    It's so retarded when the apologists use the word "bullying" in regard to Stern. He's a 60 year old man with millions of dollars, three palatial homes and a 24/7 security team, not a 12 year old girl alone in junior high.
  9. wicked smaaaht

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    Is crusy crotch that wackjob mfb?
  10. Pissed_on_Fan

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    Sep 10, 2010
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    Jack Anderson • a day ago

    This article fails to mention the hypocrisy of Howard Stern complaining about being bullied when he was and remains a terrible bully. This article does not mention how Howard Stern attacked Kathy Lee Griffith's son, Cody, years ago when he was a child. I recall Howard wishing Cody wound up gay.

    This article fails to mention how Howard made fun of the death of Mancow's father and threatened to have sex with the deceased father's skull.

    This article fails to mention Howard's constant tearing apart of Imus's wife because she has the audacity to help out children with cancer.

    That's the short-list. The fact is that Howard made a career out of bullying and he never hesitated to attack the children and/or parents and/or spouses of his targets. Howard Stern was vicious to the targets of his enmity and the family of his targets were fair-game to him.

    It is highly hypocritical for Howard Stern to complain of these attacks now because he has done far worse to others. I've seen no one wish cancer upon his children, however, Howard was free with wishing ill upon children of people he disliked.

    If anything, these attacks now on Howard are an example of turnabout being fair-play.

    Big Tuna • a day ago

    He can dish it out,but can't take it.Sucks getting old and being a sellout.It's just a "goof",Howard.Lighten up,as he used to say.

    From inside the crusty crotch Big Tuna • a day ago

    Howard did not write this story for ROL. Howard, is not now, nor did he ever, live his life for his fans...IT WAS A SHOW. THE SHOW CHANGED. THERE IS A BUTTON ON YOUR RADIO CALLED 'OFF'

    Hollis Green From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    there is also a button called "delete twitter profile"

    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Dear writer of this article,

    What is your screen name on ? Clearly you are a regular there and follow our posts closely otherwise you wouldnt be so familiar with myself, NMB or ARM.

    And a big ZOO ZA ZOO to y'all!


    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Making fun of Steven Spielberg's and Tom Cruises adopted black children...

    Goofing on Ellen DeGeneres saying she dresses like a man and has an expression on her face like she just got a whiff of some sour poontang...

    Making fun of Tom Hanks son's rap songs while refusing to acknowledge his own daughter's Zoo Za Zoo album that she was pushing on Twitter and

    Working two day weeks so he can judge AGT and buy another palatial estate in Palm Beach while his staff works 5 days a week and dont have a pot to piss in...

    Waaaahhhh. Poor Howie cant take it when we goof on his trophy wife whom he gets crappy tv show after crappy tv show which no one ever sees or hears. Meanwhile she has the balls to encourage average joes to "donate" money to North Shore Animal League can get a $7 million dollar make over.

    Give me a friggin break. Get off twitter if your so butt hurt Howard. You refuse to take any calls from real listeners other than your wack packers who lather your butt hole and say how great you are.

    You cant control twitter like your scripted callers so deal with it.

    Rack me!


    JerseyShoreGiant Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Just a shame you aren't man enough to criticize him without being anonymous! That's the problem with pussies like you. It will be fun once he finally reveals who these people are, what they do(or most likely don't do) for a living.

    cromwell JerseyShoreGiant • a day ago

    So, your real name is JerseyShoreGiant then? Who's a big smelly pussy now?

    JerseyShoreGiant cromwell • 20 hours ago

    Yeah replying to someone's comment is the same as attacking a celebrity and their kids from behind a screen name. Fool!

    Bruno TaTa JerseyShoreGiant • 13 hours ago

    Good point. Let's get your name and home address. A home phone would be nice, too.

    BS Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Keep yapping pussyboy. You're making this easy.

    Trophy Knife BS • a day ago

    Is that supposed to be a threat, Beth?

    DaBUU BS • 5 hours ago

    Why the long face?

    From inside the crusty crotch Gary Puppet • a day ago

    So what you are saying is that you were entertained by, and adored and obsessed over an asshole. What you are saying is that you wanted him to continue to be an asshole. Now that he is not an asshole you call he is an asshole for not being an asshole

    Diane • a day ago

    hypocrite. he's made a living on bullying people on his show for years in the name of entertainment. that goes for all these gossip sites too.

    Nope Diane • a day ago

    There's a big difference between saying some "shocking" things on the air and tweeting pictures of your kids. That's hostile and threatening. Not to mention disturbed. Don't be stupid ya moron.

    Mason Woodcrafts Nope • a day ago

    His kids are adults. They posted their pics, and it's their own fault they didn't make the accounts private. It's not like someone broke into their houses and stole photo albums.

    Use your head, shit-lips.

    Kevin Webb • a day ago

    Quite ironic that someone who made a career being a bit of a bully is upset that his fan base is acting in a similar fashion. I seem to remember Howard bullying Kathy Gifford's son constantly in the 90s.

    PM2901 Kevin Webb • a day ago

    "a bit of a bully"?! That's saying that Satan is a bit of a devil!

    JerseyShoreGiant Kevin Webb • a day ago

    He never once bullied her son or daughter. His criticism of Kathi Lee was that she was always trying to force her kids into the spot light.
  11. TehLivingDeath

    TehLivingDeath New Member Banned User

    Jan 15, 2012
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    Stern always has to align himself with the current media darlings. This year it seems to be bouncing back-n-forth between bullying victims and queers.
  12. Pissed_on_Fan

    Pissed_on_Fan Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2010
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    DaBUU • a day ago

    Hey Howard didn't you always talk shit about Heidi and her half black kids?

    Michael DaBUU • 20 hours ago

    Really? And she's one of the people Turdboy has to work with on AGT. This oughtta be fun this season.

    John • a day ago

    I don't mean to pile on (as if it even matters) but even on his own fan site forum (Stern Fan Network) he is openly mocked and hated by it's members (the VERY few that are left from the looks of things). This isn't isolated to a single forum or group. I was a die hard fan for many years and it's sad to see what's happened over the past few. It's not that he's not a "rebel"'s that he never really was in the first place. That's become glaringly obvious. I tried my best to give him and his...wife...the benefit of the doubt but there's been nothing but a flood of disappointment. I'm really at a loss and despite the fact that I feel a little bad for him and Beth...this is hilarious. Best of luck Howard. Try to enjoy your vast fortune rather than going berserk over some people on some social network designed for teenagers.

    JerseyShoreGiant John • a day ago

    Howard has nothing to do with Stern Fan Network.

    PlasticSurgery Beth JerseyShoreGiant • a day ago

    That's why the owner/administrator Mutt is on Howard's show, invited to the staff xmas parties and created the Stern Fan Roundtable which Howard plugs on his show...Howard has nothing to do with Stern Fan Network...ok.

    John PlasticSurgery Beth • a day ago

    Yes, thank you. I should have been more specific. As a matter of fact, I noticed in some of the newer comments on this page that Mutt himself made a couple posts and put up a link to his forum. I'm not entirely sure that was a good idea on his part. To say that Mutt is biased would be a gross understatement. Also, I need to make clear that I am not a member on either site (although I signed up for SFN a few years ago or something....I have no idea why and never posted.) That being said...I would be lying if I said I haven't been checking in on Dawg's Saloon the past few weeks. The members there have been expressing the frustration I have been feeling for a good long while now. I had no real intention of joining but after reading this article....I wonder if they have any room left for new members...

    JerseyShoreGiant John • 20 hours ago

    You're talking about a website that Howard probably never heard of.

    Bruno TaTa JerseyShoreGiant • 13 hours ago

    No, he just BULLIED the site's owner into shutting it down because of criticism of his show. Then they reopened it and banned anyone who spoke ill of him. It's a ghost town now, because so many of his fans came to hate what he'd become. He paid off the site owner by giving the sad guy a "show" on his channels once a week where they sit around and praise Howard. So much for his secret being "truth".

    Crystal • a day ago

    Sucks to be you Howard. Now suck it up be a big boy and get a damn haircut. You look like a fool! What goes around comes around creep. Just for the record I dont bully online lol

    DaBUU • a day ago

    Hey Howard didn't you always say Nick is a fake black guy?

    Cromulent • a day ago

    Howard reaps what he sows.

    Sascatchulokino • a day ago

    The sins of the father. He caused this and needs to make it right for his family. He is an asshole!!!

    conroemom • a day ago

    LOL coming from one of Americas BIGGEST BULLYS ??????? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL thats a good one Howard. Your a public figure ( COUGH COUGH ) and you deserve every bad word said about you. If you dont like it you could always GO PRIVATE, but you THRIVE off of bullys........peas in a pod dont ya know.......

    Dlistcelebutard • a day ago

    Howard, It is ok for you to goof on Deidre Imus for her vanity projects...but you cry foul when we goof on Giftscriptions, Bling a Bone, and Arm Warmers? Or the NSAL calendar, supposedly to raise money for animals, but every single pic was a photoshop of your wife? Or maybe we should discuss Spoiled Rotten Pets and the major press tour, but only 100K+ viewers? And the fake NSAL ad "I wear only living fur". Even NSAL was too embarrassed to run with that.

    Trophy Knife Dlistcelebutard • a day ago

    In addition to wearing "living fur", this NSAL 'animal activist' is always wearing leather — numerous Chanel bags, Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, etc. So it's okay to wear dead skin – got it.

    Jenkins8 • a day ago

    This is so disingenuous coming from the "warrior" who ran the other way when a bum spit on his trophy wife, and from the safety of his broadcast studio, encouraged fans to harass celebrities and politicians who ever said anything negative about him. And don't get me started on all the kids of broadcast execs, FCC commissioners and celebrities he maliged and wished cancer on. This closeted old queen who is now obsessed with his radio guests' penis descriptions really needs to grow a pair.,

    JerseyShoreGiant Jenkins8 • 20 hours ago

    See now you just seem foolish. Howard never once wished cancer on anybody's kids. Not once. Did he wish cancer(like if it ever happened it would be his fault) on Imus,, other DJ's and the FCC but never once a kid so really just stop the lie.

    DaBUU • a day ago

    Stern has become Imus, LMAO

    Bruno TaTa • a day ago

    Stern harshly mocked Tom Hanks's kid's attempt at rapping on HIS RADIO SHOW just a year or so ago. How is that any different than ZooZaZoo? He pays staff to call and harrass other small country radio programs saying crude things on air. He has staff repeatedly call old ladies and upset them up to the point where they are threatening to shoot the caller. He refers to Jay Leno's wife Mavis all the time in rants against the Tonight Show host. What a hypocrite.

    JerseyShoreGiant Bruno TaTa • 20 hours ago

    Never once said anything negative about Leno's wife. Not once.

    bye you JerseyShoreGiant • 6 hours ago

    "ol' black Mavis" ring any bells?

    Justin Time • a day ago

    Estrogen must be getting to him.
    He used to be the man back in the day.
    Nottasomuch anymore.

    H Landa • a day ago

    Wow Stern has completely jumped the shark. I don't accept the term "bullies" but rather listeners who want their voice heard. I used to listen for over 20 years and I agree with these people that the Stern show now is just terrible! It's evolved into unfunny liberal rants and the interviews consist of D list celebs or washed up one time A listers. Stern complains constantly and it's evident that he puts very very little effort into the radio show.

    @TonyBalbone • a day ago

    Remember what he did to John Debellas wife way back? Called and harrassed her relentlessly and had Capt Janks in on it. Howard bashes celebs daily and was a voice for all of us and now he's getting a bit of it and can't take it. Celebs or names in the news get riddled everyday. Look at Suri Cruise already! He puts himself out there with his ridiculous photoshops and the silliness his wife does and expects everyone to praise him. Lets get real Howard, jeez!

    Bruno TaTa @TonyBalbone • 13 hours ago

    Didn't DeBella's wife eventually commit suicide?

    Herc • a day ago

    Cody Gifford hates you Howard. You prayed that he become a drug using Faggot when he was only 5.

    I post this in his name.

    Zaza Booey • a day ago

    Thanks for taking the bait! Now please run a story about how Howard can buy multiple mansions but can't pay a standup comedian more than 200 bucks to fill 4 hours of programming. Programming that we, you know, SUBSCRIBERS, pay for.....

    Guest • a day ago


    [another NSFW pic - a llama (not the llama) doggie-styling a svelte Dr Ivan.]

    Erik Morgan • a day ago

    So the man who railed against censorship and rally'd his fans to the cry of "Fuck The FCC" is now butthurt at people for expressing opinions he doesn't like. His hypocrisy is only equaled by his insane greed and his threats are meaningless. Any one of these average citizens whose rights of expression he tried to curtail could easily get a pro bono attorney to make a mockery of Stern's claims in the media and the courtroom. I doubt Stern wants any more legal battles after the judicial drubbing he took in his frivolous money grab case against SiriusXM.

    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Hey Howard...

    How bout gibing its own 2 hour show on Howard 101.

    Now THAT would be a radio revolution unlike that awful show "Dealin' Straight" that airs now.

    Bruno TaTa • a day ago

    If Stern's daughter was bothered by attention, I'm not sure why she would post photos of herself making out with another girl on the internet publicly?

    HappyAsALark • a day ago

    he is such a pussy and a whiny ass.

    ElephantBoy • 15 hours ago

    He conned his fans into buying into the Sirius scheme. Then, he goes from 5 shows a week to 3...and then only half the weeks in the year. He completely changes his character, becoming overly PC so his untalented wife may have a chance at becoming famous, then literally tells his fans that he pisses all over them...and he doesn't expect a reaction? You created those fans Howard, and you showed them how to fight dirty. You've only yourself to blame you simpering old wigged woman.

    Bob Jones ElephantBoy • 15 hours ago


    WiggyLeaks ElephantBoy • 14 hours ago

    Howard is very comparable to Bernie Madoof. Lots of similarities.
  13. Pissed_on_Fan

    Pissed_on_Fan Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2010
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    formerlistener • a day ago

    Recently on Howard's channels they played a clip of him making jokes about the fact that Sally Jessy Raphael's child committed suicide and wishing cancer on her. Today they played an excerpt of Howard referring to a Down's Syndrome child as "having a flat head and a funny smile and living at home with you forever like a pet". Does he really think that he deserves sympathy because his former fans are giving him their honest opinions? If he's that big of a pussy and a hypocrite he should just delete his Twitter account and crawl back into his hole. No one cares about him any more, the ratings for AGT proved that beyond a doubt.

    Starside aka Guest3 formerlistener • 21 hours ago

    Great post and I agree. He made me sick with all the things he said about Christopher Reeve as well. As far as I know, Christopher was a lovely man who never spoke ill of anyone. Howard is a disgusting individual . There is nothing funny at all about the things he jokes about.

    JerseyShoreGiant formerlistener • 20 hours ago

    He never asked for sympathy. At least when it comes from Howard you know it's howard not some keyboard warrior.

    Bruno TaTa JerseyShoreGiant • 14 hours ago

    Anyone get the impression JerseyShoreGiant is that fat tub of goo, Jason Kaplan? He looks like a half melted ice cream cone that got dropped in dog hair.

    beachgirl • a day ago

    What goes around comes around. Tough.

    WiggyLeaks • 14 hours ago

    Speaking of bullying.. Howard has a big stick up his ass for Amanda Peet. Every time her name was mentioned on the show he would call her all kinds of nasty names. Word on the street is that Amanda stole one of Beth's ex bf's. Beth hates Amanda with a raging passion, hence the reason Howard bashes the innocent woman every time her name pops up in the news.

    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Howard when I tweet you next month about AGT ratings being in the tank, are you going to be all butt hurt? Will you blame Mel B and Heidi for the ratings decline?

    Kim sucks • a day ago

    This idiot makes his living doing exactly what he is whining about. Never seen a worst case of liking to dish it out but can't take it coming back. Shut wittle Howie.

    Meni of vipstrippers • a day ago

    Howard works 2 to 3 days a week, 30 weeks a year, the show sucks. And now the guy who wished cancer on his enemies, is crying about tweets.

    JerseyShoreGiant Meni of vipstrippers • a day ago

    At least you knew who was wishing the cancer though unlike twitter.

    Cynthia • a day ago

    Howard Who????? I say go after him, the way he went after everything in his early days to get a head and he could careless about anyone's feelings. What's good for you is good for everyone else Howard.

    formerlistener • a day ago

    Even Howard's wife can't stand him, she admitted in a recent interview they don't even live together. Their marriage is a sham, just like everything else in his life and career.

    Herc • a day ago

    Hey Howard. Don't forget you prayed for Aids, Cancer, and death on Minors. We don't. Payback buddy . . .

    JerseyShoreGiant Herc • 20 hours ago

    He never wished for any of those things on a kid. Wished it on many an adult but never a kid.

    tootie • a day ago

    OMG he's just like LeAnn Rimes!!! Why do these celebs caaaaaaaarrree??? Don't read the stupid websites, don't look at tweets! My god, you have millions of trillions of dollars Stern and you are talking about these losers? Their lives must not be as grand and wonderful as we all think just because they are rich, otherwise, they wouldn't give a second thought and pay attention to these people. Do you see Brad Pitt crying over twitter?

    Faye • a day ago

    Cry me a river, scumbag.

    FormerFan • a day ago

    This is a pathetic media planted article. This guy made his fortune being a bully. Look at what he did to Kathy Gifford, Chevy Chase, Ellen, Oprah, and everyone else he has ever been jealous of. Just retire and spend all day taking photos of your aging department store catalogue model wife and fly in to judge the juggling contest. All good entertainers never want to quit entertaining, but, great entertainers know when to leave. Look at Johnny Carson, oh wait, you were jealous of him too.

    jmb1 • a day ago

    “I’m subjected to cyberbullying every day on that Twitter" now that is rich choice of words from the #1 master bully.......remember back in the day.....the Philly DJ he bullied off the air and then had his wife on the show who subsequently killed herself days later.....

    Herc • a day ago

    Hey Howard. Why don't you invite Dawg's Saloon over to your new Florida estate for Salmon & Potatoes. Since your wife who doesn't want to be famous won't let you eat meat or shellfish. So we can talk this out . . .

    Mary Brown • a day ago

    No one has attacked like Stern did on the radio so what's he complaining about now?

    Bruno TaTa • a day ago

    Dan, comment?

    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Stop worrying about twitter and get your saggy as on a tread mill and lose those 13 lbs youve been bitching about gaining from your salmon, grapes and almonds youve been eating so much of.

    Fred Mertz • 16 hours ago

    A cohort of mine at recently share this opinion of Wiggy Stern:
    He's friendless, wearing Chinese hair on his head & his beard is a fucking horse.

    Fred Mertz • 16 hours ago

    Obvious wig, bad fake teeth, chin implant, beard wife. Stern claims his show is all about honesty. The truth is, he is an effortless liar.

    bob smith • a day ago

    Howard's a guy who was the biggest bully of them all back in the day. And he's on the radio and a judge on a tv show, so, like any other celeb, he will of course have some haters.

    And his wife is a faux celeb, only in the public eye because of his fame, and she seems to crave public attention, so she will of course have some haters too.

    And if his daughter is branching out into the public as a singer songwriter, then she too will probably have some haters.

    It's the way it is on the web. He and his wife and daughter should either block the offending posters, or ignore them, or stop using social media altogether if it bothers them so much. But really, really, it's hard to have any sympathy for Howard Stern accusing anonymous posters of bullying him when he's made a career of it. Stern was a troll and bully on the radio long before the internet.

    Herc • a day ago

    Hey Howard. Alot of people goof on you who don't live in the United States. LOL

    Allie Maine • a day ago

    This reminds me of something like, being stabbed by your own sword. He was the king of analyzing women's looks, putting people down, etc.. now the tables are turned.
    I think it is horrible they are attacking his daughters and wife though. The daughters aren't attention whores like a Rumer Willis or whoever. Beth does a lot of good things for animals, so I don't understand why they are attacking her either

    DaBUU Allie Maine • a day ago

    Karma is a bitch

    Kim sucks Allie Maine • a day ago

    Unfortunately the daughters have a father like Stern and it's going to happen because that's the only talent Stern has, ripping on others.
  14. Pissed_on_Fan

    Pissed_on_Fan Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2010
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    Bob Abooey • a day ago

    You always said you knew I was gifted. #zoozazoo


    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    Remember when Howard would recruit his fans to get the home or hotel numbers for people like Axl Rose, Slash, Bon Jovi so he could call them on the air without warning? Remember when he called Chevy Chase at home and bitched out him and his house keeper? He called Howard a BULLY! And howards like, "no Chevy. I just wanna talk. Im not a bully Chevy!"

    Bob Jones • a day ago

    hahaha,,,,,,apparently ole Howie can dish it out but cant take it. I hope whomever is doing this to him just keeps on going. Whats good for the goose...........

    Fred Mertz • 15 hours ago

    A former guest of a Stern 101 show posted this on

    You gotta go back to 2007 to get anything as funny on the HSS as GP, NMB, and guys make me laugh my balls off. Question: Has there ever been a (non-sports) media figure/celebutard whose "haters" are almost all ex-fans? Fuckin' incredible when you think about it: This fuckin' asshole spent 25 years cultivating a rabid following capitalizing on their willingness to relentlessly torture media douches with vanity projects and sporting ridiculous clothes and wigs and Chiclet teeth on red carpets and the socialite circuits. Becomes all of that shit practically overnight and is now the target of all that venom he cultivated and built his empire from. Unreal.

    christina ochocinco • a day ago

    Imagine that. The king bully of all media being bullied. What goes around comes around and if anybody needs a comeuppance it is Howard Stern.

    formerlistener • a day ago

    The former fans who now hate Howard aren't a ""rogue troupe", they're a vast majority. He has no one but himself to blame for the fact that he's irrelevant and unpopular.

    DaBUU • a day ago

    Marks Friggin

    Howard Goes Off On Kathie Lee Again. 1/25/00. 7:15am

    Howard was talking about how someone sent him a preview copy of a TV
    movie that Kathie Lee Gifford is in. He said that the movie is based on
    the Prince & the Pauper and it's awful. Kathie Lee put her son Cody
    in the movie and Howard said the kid really can't act and it looks like
    he was forced to do something he doesn't want to do. Howard described
    one scene where Cody walks in with his head down and mumbles his lines.
    Howard said Kathie Lee is no actress either. He said she's awful in this
    movie. Howard said he wants to stay on the radio just long enough to
    interview Cody himself. He has a feeling he will be one messed up kid.
    Gary said when he sees Cody he sees Jay North, the kid who played Dennis
    the Menace. Jay was a really screwed up kid after acting as a kid.
    Howard made sure to say that if someone thinks that he shouldn't be commenting on Cody then Kathie Lee shouldn't put him out there for everyone to see.

    Jenkins8 • a day ago

    Both Karma and Plasticized HypocriticalHowie have reared their ugly heads. Too bad for him that twitter isn't connected to a studio microphone he can turn off when confronted with reality.

    Your Everything • a day ago

    So weird.. didn't he call an actress fat and ugly and therefore didn't deserve to win an emmy or whatever. Now his girls are coming of age and he's feeling like an idiot

    Gary Puppet • a day ago

    How come howard's two oldest daughters live in Israel and Vietnam? He just bought a $52 million home in Palm Beach that has 12 1/2 baths. Surely there is enough room there for them to live. Why wont he address this on his show rather than telling us how he masturbates in his office bathroom while watching Doctor/Patient porn on his iPad?

    Trophy Knife • a day ago

    "(Ouch! We wouldn't want to be on his bad side …)"

    The wig-wearing hump can't respond; he fired the guy who fed him his great lines (for asking to be paid a living wage.) This is exactly the kind of cowardly behavior to be expected of someone who has boasted on the air that he has "clandestinely destroyed" the careers of others.

    You fairy — you fucking child. /Pacino

    Jen_in_NY Trophy Knife • a day ago

    Regarding the "living wage" thing--are you talking about Jackie the Joke Man? LOL if you are. You can't be serious. Anyone who follows Howard knows how loyal he is to his employees. Jackie was/is a tool.

    Bruno TaTa Jen_in_NY • 14 hours ago

    Yeah, I hear his media producer, JD Harmeyer, lives in a palatial mansion disguised as a Brooklyn flophouse apartment shared with a roomate.

    koko Jen_in_NY • a day ago

    Agreed. Jackie IS a tool and the show is MUCH better without him.

    bringbackjackie • 17 hours ago

    Howard goofed on Imus and HIS "trophy wife" relentlessly when they created a ranch where kids with cancer could go for a vacation; meanwhile Stern has subjected the public via twitter to too-many-to-count pictures of his trophy wife's (trophy for last place?) ridiculous vanity television projects shown on never-heard-of channels for a few weeks before they are promptly removed. Moreover, Stern and his wife insist on tweeting absolutely ridiculous photos of themselves where the only value the pictures provide is how NOT to photo shop.

    Stern also bullies his staff, goofing on them when they took an IQ test for the show---even though he and his worthless "news reader" Robin didn't have the balls to take the IQ test themselves. Combine that with the fact that Stern goofs on one of his employees for having his teeth whitened, knowing full well that the employee is not in a position to goof back on Stern for Stern's recently-purchased "glistening white piano key teeth." Finally, Stern as an employer evidently feels there is nothing wrong with asking a socially-maladjusted employee (who Stern once described as the son he never had) how big and thick his (the employee's) penis is.

    Stern is a bully and a pussy. Why should his ex-fans think any more highly of him than his ex-wife and daughters?

    WiggyLeaks bringbackjackie • 14 hours ago

    Stern is the biggest hypocrite in the business.

    Tracey Batten • a day ago

    You reap what you sow! I can't stand Howard Stern. But of course he used to like it when people hated him, wasn't that what it was all about? Now he's a big ole' cry baby!

    ThereIsAGod • a day ago long before he joins forces with Kate Gosselin?

    KellyBundy • a day ago

    You should not have married such a thin skinned whiny retard of a failed modoe! Happy Wife, Happy Life indeed. ZooZaZoo!

    Greeneyes • a day ago

    He whom rags on everybody?? He whom would run a woman into the ground for being 5 pounds overweight? He whom has prostitutes on his show and then treats them like dogs? He whom has mentally challenged / physically challenged / emotionally challenged on his show and then makes fun of them to their face? REALLY HOWARD?? Karma's a freakin' biothc huh???

    Starside aka Guest3 Greeneyes • 21 hours ago

    Well said greeneyes
  15. Pissed_on_Fan

    Pissed_on_Fan Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2010
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    aliendreams • a day ago

    So, the shock jock is getting a taste of all the crap he's thrown at others? boofrickinhoo

    Herc • a day ago

    Hey Howard. I was in the audience when your daughter did that Jewish play. You know. The one where she talks about her Jewish breasts and body.

    ricdicuous • 9 hours ago

    Howards shrink must be jumping for joy this is the straw that broke the pelicans back . Now his shrink will get to fly to florida by private jet every two days to listen to the bald one whine.

    I wonder what the next plan of attack will be?
    Maybe you should hire the puppet and bro yo be your writers then and only then will you stop them threats dont seem to be working

    Guy Fleegman • a day ago

    This tool is still around? He deserves EVERYTHING he gets...good or bad.

    Fred Mertz • 15 hours ago

    Radaronline, find the prized picture of Howard Stern without the wig. Pretty please.

    Judith1234 • 17 hours ago

    Go jerk off to your cache of babysitter porn you delusional fuck.

    suzie smith • 21 hours ago

    I remember stern saying The only way you could love a adopted child would be like the love you have for the family dog. It isn't possible to love a adopted child like your own. My son is adopted and I love him every bit as much as my daughter. I always thought that was such a hurtful comment to make on the radio

    Starside aka Guest3 suzie smith • 19 hours ago

    My aunt and uncle adopted a beautiful baby who is now a wonderful lady. She is every bit a cousin to me as a blood cousin would be. It's a very hurtful comment. He should be ashamed. You seem like a wonderful mother.

    Mary Starr • a day ago

    You ruined a lot of familes for momey to expoit insanity. Exposing your first wife to hell with your comments when she loved you from inception and stayed loyal while you betrayed and humiliated her. Now it's your second wife's turn and while it's not my style, some of your crazies you've now unleashed. I wish you no harm but karma is a bitch and you're in for a wild ride and not one even you can overcome. I never think of you and never listen to you but now this was on line I am simply responding. Sadly you brought this on yourself and those you love and you must blame yourself. There are so many insane wanna be nuts who have followed you, I wish for you and your family safety, for that is what you're looking at next. Crazy followers you developed lurk everywhere and they are a bigger threat than you are for they aren't going to go away. Some will drop out but you have a lot more with nothing to lose .. you will make them famous by taking you down .. so you be careful this time and best to ignore what you cannot stop. I never liked your filth so I'm not going to change my life to incorporate you in mine. Good luck for you'll need it. Might look to God this time since you negated Him before ... you need Him now for you made this happen. Recall ALL the harm you have done to others Howard and learn to pray for you created all this and I never trust the loose canons you encouraged who now find you their prey . ... pray! You can't protect your loved ones from everyone out there you mentored... they are nuts.

    WeeBaby Seamus Sterling Magoon • a day ago

    Awww, Hollywood Hamptons Howie doesn't like it when people talk shit about him? Now he knows what all the people he has trashed over the years felt like when he did it to them. 60 yr old men don't get cyber-bullied. You sound like that harpy chick on The Real Housewives of The OC. Adults have the power to turn off the computer. Get the hell off of twitter. However, taking a page out of the "Leann Rimes Guide to Publicity" seems to be working out well for you Howie if reading these comments is any indication.

    Rick Brown • a day ago

    Scummy Howard you made your living doing what these people are doing to you. Shut your mouth and take it like a Jew weasel.

    From inside the crusty crotch Rick Brown • a day ago

    Oh that makes you righteous...anti-semetism really drives your infantile moronic point home. Dont be bitter that too many years of listening to AN ENTERTAINMENT SHOW AIMED AT MORONIC YOUNG MEN caused your maturity to be stunted. Howard grew and moved forward in life and left you behind stuck in the 80s like a little Hairband, misogynist wannabe...those days are over and Howard is intelligent enough to change with the go back to mommy's basement...PS I dont play so will not engage u further...I have a life and a job

    DaBUU From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    He didn't grow and move forward, he became a giant pussy. Big difference.

    From inside the crusty crotch DaBUU • a day ago

    so you admit that a SHOW AIMED AT MORONIC YOUNG MEN caused your maturity to be stunted

    eddie collins From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Divorcing wife and being a crappy father is not maturing

    Rick Brown From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    I meant what I said I threw in the Jew word to get a reaction from another crazy jew like yourself. Never forget Howard is crazy he has been in therapy all of his life and yes he is a scummy Jew.

    koko • a day ago

    LOVE Howard. He will never be "mainstream"...he just loves the spotlight. He has the resources to crush these people, but my guess is he'll identify them, have them on his show, interview them and end up being friends. Long live Howard Stern!!

    Blonde Ambition koko • a day ago

    I love howard too, I like his old family but I am not a fan of Beth. She seems kind of talentless and nobody would have known her if it wasn't for Howard, she's not much of a model and I'm sure everyone already knows that her mouth is really awkward. It's kind of silly how she's taken up this pets advocacy now that she doesn't have any type of a career of her own. I guess that's how these society women try to make themselves feel important.

    koko Blonde Ambition • a day ago

    Hey, she's his trophy wife and he's happy.

    Blonde Ambition koko • a day ago

    More like a stuffed gopher than a trophy

    Steelerfan koko • a day ago

    @Koko I love stern . Baba Booey to you and schmega Di***o

    koko Steelerfan • a day ago

    Hey now.... :)

    Judith1234 • 17 hours ago

    When asked why he has not allowed his 41 year old wife to have children his response is: I already have 3 children.

    bringbackjackie • 17 hours ago

    You get your "model" wife to go out in the snow in a bikini to pose and then yell at her "Snow Angel, NOW!!!!!! for her to do snow angels,'s not going to end well

    Indigo • 17 hours ago

    Live by the sword die by the sword.

    Guest • a day ago O

  16. Pissed_on_Fan

    Pissed_on_Fan Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2010
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    Perkoff • a day ago

    He's always telling The Actor Formally Known As Eric The Midget to ignore the people who say "ack ack" to him on his twitter account. Wonder why he just doesn't take his own advice? He also told The Actor Formally Known As Eric The Midget to simply turn off his twitter account or make a name up that doesn't reveal he is The Actor Formally Known As Eric The Midget. Howard could easily do the same, instead of being Howard Stern, he could be JoeBelow12340 or something and the haters wouldn't know who he is.

    Come on Howard, this is making you look weak. I hope I didn't anger him enough to hire a P.I. to dig up dirt on me by typing what I just did.

    Bob Jones • 16 hours ago

    Get howard like we got lauer,,,,,,,,,these arrogant shitheads need to be taken down.WHENEVER you see ole Howie on the streets of NY, just yell out ,,,,"Take off your wig you phoney",,,,,,or ,,,,,,,"Tell your daughter to douche,because I sat in the 7th row of her show, and could smell the sea from there".You want a war Howie,,,,,,,come get your medicine,,,,,,,,,

    Fred Mertz Bob Jones • 16 hours ago

    You sir are a great American... or Canadian or whatever. Loved your post.

    WillyMo • 21 hours ago

    Coming from the man who in the last 2 years called the girl from 'Precious' a "fat black planet" and watching the lead from 'Girls' get naked is like "being raped"

    FormerFan • a day ago

    I remember when Howard was screaming his head off at Holly Hunter, Rod Stewart's ex-wife and mother of at least one of his kids. He was calling this woman a cunt and being super aggressive. Sal and Richard wrote songs about it and then it disappeared. All of this was over her refusal to appear on TV because she thought she was doing a Radio show and didn't have her hair and make up done to her normal professional level. Unlike Beth, she is a professional model and has a certain professional image to maintain.

    bye you FormerFan • 7 hours ago

    Rachel Hunter.

    FormerFan bye you • 7 hours ago

    Yes Rachel not Holly. My bad, thanks.

    ratbag • a day ago

    I am so excited that we have celebrity posters, Gary Puppet and notmybro, on ROL today.
    Wonder, who's next?
    P.S. I hated Howard Stern before it was fashionable.

    eddie collins • a day ago

    I hope he slanders one of us on the radio, my greedy jew hands are wringing as I write

    Ruffypup • 17 hours ago

    For 7 years now we continue to pay this man month after month and he pee pees on us. If he had concern for his fans he would address us directly on Twitter! Treat your fans like humans Stern and you might get respect. btw I have 2 subs just make a quarterly 97 dollar payment that I cant really afford you ffffucking assthole!

    Ruffypup • 17 hours ago

    If Howard could chose to battle us on twitter. his respectability would go through the roof. The fact remains. he avoids fans. he don't take real calls and he won't respond to twitter haters on twitter. He is a ffffucking snake in the grass that hides behind a mic (see his domination of Andy Dick's soundbite. He is the coward. Fuck everybody!

    the ugly truth Ruffypup • 16 hours ago

    Why should he respond to Twitter haters at all?

    ricdicuous • 18 hours ago

    Just to jump in i pay sirius for entertainment howard promised and still does even though he has 2channels he has no content .
    The only thing he has proven is that he and blobin quivers are just two unfunny hacks .he cant carry the show alone and now resorts to extra long interviews where he trys to rehash guests old feuds and asking the same questions his therpist asks him it a ground hog day in every interveiw. And he seems to focus on p*nis to much so much it disturbing . Then to have Blobin out of the studio for over a year now with no explaination is sad from a show about honesty maybe Rol could do a story on that .at least Jackie had the sense to leave even though it was a bad decision Jackie has the last laugh as howard is now paying comedy writers per joke alledgedly.look how he treats Leno over hireing Stuttering John Howig paid john 20.000 year leno paid him 10 times that

    He should give Ryan Seacrest the title King of All Media cause he isnt living up yo the self givin title.
    So howard just continue to exploit Bigfoot eric and the others does bigfoot get any money when you have the guy come in the studio for 4hours doing an impression of him of couse not .the call where he is distressed cause he is off his meds calling is not funny
    Take off the ricdiculus wig and act like a man you moron

    Bob Jones • 19 hours ago

    ZOO ZA ZOO,,,,,,,,,,,HAHAHAHA,,,,,,,,,,,I wonder how he would have mocked a young girl coming on his show with his laughable daughter emilys song? ,,,,,,,hahaha,,,,,,,ZOO ZA ZOO,,,,,,,,BOO HOO HOO,,,,,,,,,,

    WiggyLeaks Bob Jones • 14 hours ago

    I love that song

    Bob Jones • 17 hours ago

    Go listen to Sterns equally disgusting daughter Emily on you tube. Look for it on opie and Anthony,,,,,,and just listen to that crazy no talent bitch. The apple didn't fall far from the tree with this shithead.

    Bob Jones Bob Jones • 17 hours ago

    and all you AMERICAS GOT TALENT FOOLS that are falling for old baldy stern,,,,,,,don't be fooled,,,,,we all were by this loser.

    Skip Smith • a day ago

    This is a guy who use to rag on Kathy Lee's kids, said awful things about countless people

    Ruffypup • 6 hours ago

    Sun Angel...........NOW!

    Craig Bullard • a day ago


    Loki • a day ago

    Why is ROL giving press to some Twitter nobodies? Lots of "celebs" have online haters; the smart celebs just block the bullies and ignore them while the dumb celebs hire internet detectives and go to war against 'da haterz'.

    PlasticSurgery Beth • a day ago

    The whole world is jealous of Beth. She's the real star of the family.

    Okad • a day ago

    I don't get seeking out people on twitter and harassing them ?!?! If you can't stand them why waste your time on them ? I mean get a life . People sending 75000 tweets to a celeb is freaking weird . Get a life .

    Herc • a day ago

    Hey Howard. Why does Ashley love hairless brown boys who look like girls?

    Guest • 17 hours ago

    Radar is censoring me,,,,,,,,,just so you all know

    WiggyLeaks Guest • 14 hours ago

    Yeah not surprising. They even deleted a follow up article to this one. Must be Don Buchwald, the Fedora wearing douche bag.

    Bob Jones • 19 hours ago

    This guy has been a prick to everyone for his entire career as he sits on his throne and talks about what is right and what is wrong.He has made abusing woman ,and abusing stars and their families into his own grotesque artform. Well here come the chickens home to roost you PHONEY. I cant WAIT for Americas got talent,,,,,,,cause I have a feeling you are gonna be toast after this season.Cause people are FED UP with your PHONEY WAYS.

    Bob Jones Bob Jones • 17 hours ago

    and if NBC (nothing but clowns) even THINKS about putting you after Fallon,,,,we are gonna trash BOTH of your shows and your advertisers FOREVER.........

    JDaniels819 • a day ago

    Memo to the five remaining active posters on Stern Fan Network: mods will be reviewing this article and any negative comments will result in an instant deading of your SFN account.

    Please respect our sensitive hero Howard Stern in his battle against the exercise of free speech by these harrible Twitter bullies - disregard any nasty comments Stern previously made, such as when he (1) wished Cody Gifford would turn out gay, (2) wanted to perform vile acts on the skull of Mancow's dead father, and (3) wished diseases on Chicago radio exec Larry Wert.

    At least this article is deflecting attention from Howard laying down $52 million in CASH to buy another mansion in Palm Beach.

    Nacho F. • a day ago

    Rick Brown • a day ago

    I thought we were done with this piece of garbage when he went to Sat radio was never hear of again. Shame on Radar to sticking this clown in our face again. Filthy money grabbing jew.

    Tracey Batten Rick Brown • a day ago

    You had me until you called him a jew. Why not just call him a filthy money grubbing fuck face asshole?

    Clemenzza • 18 hours ago

    Typical NY kike. Loves to dish it out but can't take it. How's it feel no that the tables are turned heb?

    Donna Blohm Glaser • 19 hours ago

    Say what you want about HS. But leave his children alone!

    Bob Jones Donna Blohm Glaser • 17 hours ago

    SORRY DONNA,,,,,,,he abused others kids for YEARS on air, AND made PLENTY of money from apparently don't know this idiot.You need to educate yourself on this creep.

    WiggyLeaks Donna Blohm Glaser • 14 hours ago

    Yeah. Like he did when he attacked Cody Gifford. Fucking retard you are. Double standards.

    Guest • a day ago

    they locked their tweets which shows what cowards they are. if you are going to say such hate be prepared to stick up for your words! COWARDS

    Bob Abooey Guest • a day ago

    Shut up Mary.. Is this you?

    Colonrdfertografy Bob Abooey • a day ago

    I like how she quickly changed her user name. Too funny!
    Last edited: May 17, 2013
  17. Pissed_on_Fan

    Pissed_on_Fan Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2010
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    Guest Bob Abooey • a day ago

    oh, and if you decide to stalk me online i will contact the police. i don't play this shit that you people do. fucking losers

    bye you Guest • 7 hours ago


    WeeBaby Seamus Sterling Magoon Guest • 11 hours ago

    If you don't want to get caught up in the drama, don't poke the snake dumbass.

    Guest Bob Abooey • a day ago

    nice comeback, what's next? "i know you are but what am i"? nope, not me but nice try..keep checking and you will find me and the brother that is a UFC fighter :) guess you have no life but to search facebook for someone that thinks this shit is nonsense. carry on

    Mutt • a day ago

    You people are sick

    Bruno TaTa Mutt • 14 hours ago

    How much was your dignity worth, Mutt?

    the ugly truth • 17 hours ago

    It's one thing for us to express our negative opinions here in this forum, but to send hateful messages to a celebrity or worst of all, members of their family is just wrong. What the hell is the matter with people?

    WiggyLeaks the ugly truth • 14 hours ago

    Fuck off bitch.

    Bob Jones • 17 hours ago

    I don't know if Sal Governale is still on that show, but he is THE FUNNIEST ONE on that show(although I gave up on Stern years ago, but Sal should start putting out feelers on a tell all book or look at making his own comedy album.He is naturally FAR AND AWAY funnier than Stern EVER was, and I KNOW if he was ever unleashed on Stern,,,,,,,his career would ROCKET. But Stern knows how to keep him down.He is Such A PRICK LOSER.

    JerseyShoreGiant • 21 hours ago

    Howard doesn't care if people come after him, just make yourself known so he can defend himself. For all the people Howard attacked they always knew who it was coming from and could defend themselves against him. That's his only beef.

    Nervous Mark JerseyShoreGiant • 14 hours ago

    When you hide, you can't complain about people not making themselves known, this is a false argument. If Howard took phone calls from the public, as opposed to his safe 15 person rotation of sycophants, I am certain that people would make themselves known. Howard does not allow anyone the opportunity to challenge or question him, so Twitter is the only way to express opinion.

    Mutt • a day ago

    Fans of the HSS

    Bob Abooey Mutt • a day ago

    Mutt, you should never have pulled that stupid prank with your site. Now look at ya!

    WeeBaby Seamus Sterling Magoon Bob Abooey • 11 hours ago

    hahaha, I looked over there today. It's a ghost town. Of the few "fans" left, half of them talk mad shit about Howard too.

    MKBOS • 21 hours ago

    Dear Howard,

    You won. You have the good wife, the good life, the money. You friggin' won. Big. And against ALL odds. So rise, walk away, and move on my friend. Paying attention to them just gives attention where it does not belong.

    à tout à l'heure,

    WiggyLeaks MKBOS • 14 hours ago

    Eat a dick

    Susan Valtri • a day ago

    Love you Howard. You do what you have to do. Also just like to point out that his 3 daughters turned out great. How about that? And he never cheated on his wife. Your real fans still love you Howard.

    Bimba Susan Valtri • 15 hours ago

    Susan, what makes u so sure he didn't cheat on Alison or Beth? In fact, during an interview w Vince McMahon on 3/22/01, Howard said he was "working on training his p*nis" because he "lost half his money." Look it up on YouTube. Even Howard's beloved "fan network" has a thread about it - see the post titled "so howard cheated on Alison"

    LuVGoSSIp • a day ago

    I love Howard. If people are offended by him, take a seat! Life is full of tough obstacles and you don't have the layer of skin to get through it. I think I've loved his show since I was a kid. I'm glad he will attack back. Howard really doesn't like to target people's children and I can't recall a time when he went after someone's kids so this guy asked for a war. You don't mess with someone's kids.

    Jesse LuVGoSSIp • a day ago

    "Howard really doesn't like to target people's children and I can't recall a time when he went after someone's kids" - well, you are either lying or don't really listen to Stern

    LuVGoSSIp Jesse • a day ago

    "Recall" being the keyword.

    PM2901 LuVGoSSIp • a day ago

    That's called, "selective recollection"

    JerseyShoreGiant Jesse • a day ago

    He never targeted anyone's kids. He always attacked the parents that were trying to make their kids famous.

    Jesse JerseyShoreGiant • a day ago

    Tell that to Theo Spielberg

    Blonde Ambition LuVGoSSIp • a day ago

    I love howard, but maybe him and his ugly wife are the ones that need tougher skin. He should either ignore it or move on. There is no sense in trying to make sense of this.

    LuVGoSSIp Blonde Ambition • a day ago

    Are we looking at the same woman? Beth is pretty. Definitely not ugly. She definitely fell in love with him for his money because she's too cute for him. But he's still awesome.

    Blonde Ambition LuVGoSSIp • a day ago

    I meant to say her mouth is ugly, but you're right on all counts. She's not ugly but that mouth is a huge obstruction.

    Jesse LuVGoSSIp • a day ago

    DaBUU LuVGoSSIp • a day ago

    Cody Gifford? Or how about when the champion of all gays, tried to out Jamie Fox a couple years ago?

    From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Get 'em Howard. Fair is fair. You can wage a campaign of bullying your bulliers but to take it to court like Leeann Rhimes did is just nutso (she's nutso)...keep it funny and we'll tune in!! Love ya Howard

    Jamie_Smart • a day ago

    Looked at the twitter accounts. LAME SAUCE

    Distemp Jamie_Smart • a day ago

    Stalking others now? So sad.

    Jamie_Smart Distemp • 19 hours ago


    Distemp Jamie_Smart • 6 hours ago


    From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    Howard P.S. Love your hair, your wife is sweet and you are lucky to have her...your haters are jealous that their lives never matured to a point of left them, now old and fat, back in the 80s with no lives

    Distemp From inside the crusty crotch • a day ago

    That's a total wig.

    JasonGraziano • 13 hours ago

    Don't fuck with Stern. He's like the mafia.. you may think you have him now, but, just when you think you got him down, he'll show up behind your back and slit your throat.

    My thing is, if you wanna go after Stern, that's fine, but, leave his family, especially his kids, out of it.

    bye you JasonGraziano • 7 hours ago

    oh, please. Howard dreams of being 1/1000000th as "tough" as your make believe mobsters.

    he ran when a bum spit in his wife's huge mouth. he locked himself in the car and left his former wife and infant child outside to deal with a crazed fan. The man is a giant pussy, plain and simple.

    JasonGraziano bye you • 2 hours ago

    LMFAO.. I find it interesting that when you say someone can destroy someone else, so many people automatically go in their heads to the physical sense, meaning in a fight.

    Man.. grow up.. I ain't talking about Howards physical capabilities. There's more than one way to fuck someone up and ruin them. You ain't gotta hit them.

    JasonGraziano bye you • 2 hours ago

    *sarcastic thumbs up* You sound credible.... pff...

    SquidEatinDough • 15 hours ago

    The obsessives featured in that article and in this comment section are some seriously creepy fuckers. I imagine all of you look and behave similarly to that nutbag in the Bjork stalker tape. Get psychiatric help and move on with your lives, stat. No one in their right mind should be this obsessed with something or someone they hate for no net gain.

    WiggyLeaks SquidEatinDough • 14 hours ago

    Quite frankly that is your opinion. The fact of the matter is that Howard Allen Stern is a sell out pussy. The truth hurts. And BTW, go fuck yourself. TIA.

    Fred Mertz SquidEatinDough • 15 hours ago

    Hey, listen, what do you do for a living?
  18. Pissed_on_Fan

    Pissed_on_Fan Well-Known Member

    Sep 10, 2010
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    JWFernel • 6 hours ago

    I really don't care if people like Howard or not, but stalking the dude's family is pretty damn creepy. Hope Stern nails them to a wall.

    Colonrdfertografy JWFernel • 6 hours ago

    How are Gary Puppet and NotMyBro stalking?Stern , his whorse , and his adult daughters publicly post crap on the internet themselves for all to see and GP and NMB goof on it and call them out on their bs. Photo by Gary Puppet


    thetruth • 35 minutes ago

    "Model" Beth Ostrosky - what a joke! The author should do some research on her distinguished modeling career before she met Howard. It consists of posing for Ames sales catalogs and Haband ads. The only photo shoots she's done in years are the pathetically unsexy soft-core porn photoshopped disasters her husband sends out on Twitter. The supposed "charity" work she does consists of plastering her photo all over websites and calendars that are meant to promote homeless animals, not an over the hill attention-whore.

    Axelrod • an hour ago

    Somewhere in JokeLand a beet-red man on a jetty laughs uncontrollably...

  19. R.P. McMurphy

    R.P. McMurphy Well-Known Member

    Jan 22, 2012
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    40,973 he got his ass handed to him.
  20. GaryPuppet

    GaryPuppet Well-Known Member Banned User

    Jan 15, 2012
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