Clay Aiken used campaign for reality TV show, supporters angry

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    Clay Aiken Asked to Cut LA Fundraiser From TV Docuseries By Donors Who Feel 'Duped'
    Posted on 11/6/2014 7:19:00 PM by Karen Ocamb
    Before anyone had any inkling that Tuesday’s elections would be a tsunami for Republicans, it looked like former “American Idol” runner up Clay Aiken had a chance—a slim chance, to be sure, but a chance to defeat Tea Party Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers in Aiken’s bid for a seat in North Carolina’s 2nd Congressional District. After all, the Democrats were all-in trying to save Kay Hagan’s Senate seat, as Aiken told supporters at a Sept. 30 fundraiser at the hilltop Los Angeles home of Extra correspondent Michael Corbett.
    That didn’t happen. Hagen lost as Republicans took over the Senate and Ellmers sailed to reelection, besting Aiken 59 to 41 percent. But no sooner had he lost his race than NBCUniversal-owned Esquire Network announced a “docuseries” about Aiken’s campaign that would air in early 2015. “Life is just a reality show for singer Clay Aiken,” wrote the New York Daily News. Some Los Angeles donors to Aiken’s campaign were upset by the news: they agreed to be filmed for a BBC documentary, not a reality show. They feel duped.
    The ********** in the UK put the venture this way:
    Clay Aiken lost his bid for Congress on Tuesday and while others might retreat to lick their wounds, the former American Idol star has grasped the opportunity to bounce back on to TV.
    Aiken has parlayed his political campaigning as a Democrat in North Carolina into a new fly-on-the-wall docu-series with the Esquire Network….
    NBC said: 'Throughout, Aiken struggles with his desire to be seen as a viable candidate and his need to convince voters (and America) to take him seriously.'
    The ********** even hinted slightly that some of the drama might be staged:
    The Democratic candidate got off to a bad start on voting day Tuesday when, after he cast his vote at Mills Park Elementary School in Cary, his tour bus stalled.
    The made-for-television moment took place close to the polling station with the bus emblazoned with the slogan ‘Clay for North Carolina’ marooned in the middle of the road.
    Aiken mentioned none of this in his 7 minute concession speech Tuesday night. He did, however, promise to stick around and use his voice for those who don’t have a voice:
    “The result did not go the way we wanted it to tonight, but we’ve walked down this path once — or twice — before. And when about 11 years ago, after ‘American Idol’ we came up short in another vote, we found reason to be happy, we found opportunity to see a win….
    My voice is not going to be silenced by this. My voice is only going to get louder and we’re only going to tell more stories.”
    The four hour docuseries is still untitled but the highly regarded filmmakers—Academy Award winner Simon Chinn (Searching for Sugar Man, Man on Wire) and Emmy winner Jonathan Chinn (American High)— have been following Aiken around since his announcement in February, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
    "We were granted incredible access during the making of this documentary, and in turn were able to capture the internal workings of an American campaign — the good, the bad and the ugly," Simon Chinn told the Hollywood Reporter. Added Jonathan Chinn: "We’re thrilled to be partnering with Esquire Network, who are tackling topics that are not only popular and entertaining but also smart and thoughtful."
    "Ultimately, this series is a raw and honest look at American politics through an incredibly unique and compelling candidate," said Esquire Network head of original programming Matt Hanna.
    Well, perhaps. But some of those who attended the fundraiser at Corbett’s house, organized by actor/producer Steve Tyler, (above) now want the filmmakers to edit them out. Tyler told me he is furious, having received angry calls from friends personally invited to the fundraiser who called after they heard the news. Tyler said:
    I do my homework before raising money for any candidate or cause. I refuse to ask my friends to donate money for something that I do not wholeheartedly believe in. Not only did Clay have me convinced that he was the man we needed to send to Congress, but he convinced everyone at the LA fundraiser.
    It was the first fundraiser I have done in 20 years where almost every attendee wrote an additional check on their way out. They thought they were making a good investment.
    And Clay was a hard sell in LA because we were making donations to our own local and statewide races and donors thought of him as an entertainer and not a representative of “the people.”
    I think Clay's idea of documenting his race was a good one. It's very important that we learn just how much a candidate puts into the job from the very beginning. What I disagree with is him personally benefiting from that documentary (as a reality series). And those of us who signed releases were told it was for air on BBC only and not in the US.
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    Never trust gays, they will always end up fucking you in the ass
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    A reality star & politician LIED?

    No way
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    i have no issue.
    everyone knew he would lose and everyone knew he wanted gay reality shows

    i saw part of a debate, i woudnt vote for either