Come up with fraud bits and interviews over the years.

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by the Artie Chair, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I'll start with a few;

    1. The hypnosis bits. I saw the US Open Sores show live and the hypnosis bit was so fake it was embarrasing.

    2. The day Howard and staff measured their cocks.

    3. IQ Test results (I'm guessing the participants probably don't even know the scores are bogus)

    4. 95% of the orgasms on the Sybian.

    5. Beth's score over Angelina Jolie on the good looking test.

    6. Over half the phony calls (as proof keep in mind the show has to get releases from every call that is aired).

    7. Like Fred wasn't provided with some answers on Win Freds Money.

    8. Any interview where Pam Anderson was acting as if she was attracted to Stork.

    9. Benji having sex with that Elisa chick.

    10. KC winning something like $400,000 on an internet poker site and losing it all on the same site the same weekend (keep in mind the poker site had recently become an advertiser on the show).

    11. Any interview where Howard acts as if Ralph is not gay. If they are as good friends as they seem to have been Howard knows he's gay.

    12. Howard recently saying he didn't know some wack packers got paid for some appearances.

    13. All the fake calls about how great the AGT (pick any city) try-outs were.

    14. Howard and Gary's numerous comments over the years that idiots like Marianne in Brooklyn, King of All Blacks, Sal (before he was working for the show), etc. don't have a special number to call that gets their calls through faster than the occasional caller...... see #13 on this topic also.

    I could go on and on but I'll enjoy the feedback from the rest of you.
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    15. The Gay pitch (I typed Gary but it was changed to "Gay" and I decided to leave it)
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    16 - The dating game where the Russian girl chose Howard (aka Scott) over Jared.

    17 - When they told Sal that Howard was retiring & Sal started to cry that he hasn't saved enough money.