Could it be the perception doesn't match the reality?

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by SouthernListen, Jul 2, 2015.

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    The perception is that America is becoming more liberal and that a new sheriff is in town in terms of the future. However, that may be more a function of media coverage and some high profile news items lately rather than reality.

    1. Pretty big gains for Republicans in the under-30 crowd.

    2. Same for the over 40 crowd

    3. Young evangeligal protestants are moving even more Republican, as one might have expected.

    4. Same goes for older and younger "mainline" protestants, which is less expected.

    5. The Democrats seem to be holding ground only among "unaffiliated" over 30's, and more surprisingly, losing ground among the little young heathens.

    The last election was a pretty big one for Republicans. I suppose 2016 will tell if this was mid-term dissatisfaction or an actual trend. My observation is a massive move not left but towards Political correctness during the past 7 years. This is normally associated with the left, but could people be more concerned with more important issues when it comes to voting?
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    Their biggest challenge always seems to be having to come up with a good candidate who doesn't have kooky ideas about things like abortion.