Deranged Cop turned Rapper wants to gun down Citizens

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    A police office is receiving sharp criticism for releasing a new rap single underground rap song Citizen Killer. Citizen Killer, is rumored to be a widely distributed among the police community, The song, much like the Cop Killer single it is based on will likely cause controversy and is expected to go double platinum. Departing from it's usual brand of artists record label Death Row Records has signed the as-of-yet unnamed police man / rap artist to a three album deal. It is likely that the officer may face serious repercussion for writ ting a song that blatantly brags about committing criminal activity while hiding behind the shield of law enforcement. Portland, Or Sheriff Roy Blunt explained that "If any of my officers wrote that song- they'd be looking at months, maybe even years of paid administrative leave."

    Although a copy of the song was not made available at press time, the lyrics were released.

    [The single begins with a Prologue in which an angry, guff voice says sternly, with authority and conviction]
    To all the Alan Dershowitzs, all the Rodney Kings, and anyone who's ever taped, reported, or sued a policeman; because of his tactics, his duty, or his skin color- I'd like to take every single one of one of you MotherFu*king civs into an ally and shoot you in your their motherfu*cking face."

    Citizen Killer!

    I got my blue shirt on.
    I got my brass badge on.
    I got my sirens on.
    Gonna beat your ass with my baton!

    Citizen Kiler!Citizen Kiler!

    I run your plates to check your asses for priors.
    Gonna use more force than the situation requires.

    Fu*k you bloods, fu*k you crypts.
    Fu*k you lady in the green Eclipse.

    Citizen killer! -- this whole town is a disgrace!
    Citizen killer!-- I'm gonna shoot you in the face!

    You say your son's suicidal, wants to take his own life.
    "Get over here quickly! I think he has a knife!"
    You call 911 and the cops are alerted.
    I shoot him in the face -- Done! Crisis averted

    Judge said I need to show more restraint.
    So this time I'll only taze you in the taint.

    Citizen killer! Wanna start a fight?
    Citizen killer! I'm gonna hit you in the face with my big Maglite!

    You think you're gonna get internal affairs all over my bad ass?
    You got a thing or two to learn about the honor between the brass,

    Walking down the street you think you're living large
    Until I punch your ass and show you who's in charge.

    Citizen killer! -- Gonna say I mistook your finger for a Glock.
    Citizen killer! -- That's what it means to be a cop.

    I'll tell the judge that it all was a fog,
    That I opened the door and saw your vicious dog.
    Your honor that animal was outta control- he wasn't a pet
    I shot that maltipoo cuz his ass was a threat.

    That car up ahead has a driver who's black.
    Pull his ass over, I'm gonna take his crack.

    You want my badge number? Like it's gonna matter-
    Boom! Now you're a cadaver

    Gonna shoot his ass for mouthin off to me
    Now he's dead maybe next time he'll just let me be

    In truth I just couldn't take her flack,
    But I tell the judge-I tried holding her back,
    she weighed 110 and nothing could phase her.
    So I was reachin for my taser
    But I grabbed my gun and I shot her dead,
    Judge agrees- what a waste of lead.

    I resell drugs from all the places we've raided.
    I swear to God I wasn't always this jaded.

    Citizen killer! Yeah I got mines!
    Citizen killer! Fu*k you and your fines!

    Citizen killer! You touch me you ass is on probation!
    Citizen killer! I kill you and enjoy my paid vacation!
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    There is no Death Row Records.
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    Cops everywhere will now be writing shitty rap songs in hopes of "years of paid administrative leave." :rolleyes: