Does Howard realize this is his defacto end-of-career farewell party

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by HooHoo, Jan 31, 2014.

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    This "party in Howard's honor" has made one uncomfortable truth very apparent: it struck all the tones of a farewell show and end of career highlight reel more than anything, and everyone seems to know it. I just wonder if Howard realizes knows it, but unlikely since he's inside his protective bubble of yes-men and people clinging to their do-nothing jobs. Outside of maybe AGT, no group this big will ever assemble in honor of the human toilet brush again.

    Farewell, funny man. Both longtime and disillusioned former fans will always remember the days before The Conversion - the days you were funny because you were still secure enough to surround yourself with funny people, the days before a middle aged disney princess turned mother goddess to the animal kingdom clipped your nuts and put them in a jar up on a shelf.

    Because truth be told, the Stern show has followed the same path as reality TV: it was fun and honest at the beginning, now its the equivalent of a guy banging a pot on his head with a wooden spoon. Enjoy.

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