Dragoncon Founder is a perv avoiding justice

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    Friend of show Adrianne Curry is calling for a boycott of Dragoncon because of this asshole. Wonder how many ways Robin would botch reading the story?

    Ed Kramer, founder of Dragoncon, has somehow avoided prosecution for allegedly molesting 3 boys. He was arrested in 2000. He's claimed medical problems since and those have seriously slowed down the process. But in 2011, he was caught in CT with a boy. He also was tromping around with camera equipment, without his oxygen, without a wheelchair. Oh yeah, he was also not in Georgia. He's supposed to stay in Georgia, unless he goes to NY to visit his ma or NJ for medical crap.


    Here is the AJC story that I got most of the below from but most the story is behind a paywall. There is, however, a free vid to watch. It's hilarious to see the fucking fat troll whining: http://www.ajc.com/news/news/local/accused-child-molester-smothers-gwinnett-jail-with/nX22P/

    So, he got busted in CT for being with a boy (he was not supposed to be around anyone under 16). CT arrested him, GA wanted him, but he fought extradition.

    Finally Georgia got him and now he's stewing in Gwinnett County jail (a suburban Atlanta county, northeast of the city). Since January or so, he's filed over 200 complaints, including (from the AJC):

    Edward Eliot Kramer, 52, who is legally disabled and an Orthodox Jew, has complained persistently about what he claims is a lack of access to religious services, texts and kosher foods as well as unspecified inadequate provisions for the disabled.

    Kramer was denied permission to light candles in his cell in observance of his Orthodox Jewish faith. So Kramer asked on Feb. 14 for permission to light two cigarettes and “pretend they were candles.” The request came a few weeks after Kramer, who is housed in the medical unit because of his chronic health problems, complained that any exposure to smoke in the housing units would send him into respiratory distress.

    Seven times, Kramer has complained that there are no religious services for Jews. He has repeatedly been advised that the jail does not have a rabbi volunteer, and that religious services can only be conducted by volunteers.

    Twelve times, Kramer has requested a typewriter be placed in his cell. The request was denied because inmates aren’t allowed to have typewriters for safety reasons. But in an effort to accommodate him, deputies allowed Kramer to use a typewriter in the jail’s law library for an hour a day. Kramer initially refused to use that typewriter. Then he claimed it was broken (it wasn’t when deputies tested it). And finally, he complained his psoriatic arthritis causes his typing to be too slow to accomplish what he needs to do in that time frame.

    In another thread of complaints, Kramer begged for a “Tanakh” (Hebrew bible). But after deputies ordered and delivered one to his cell Feb. 14, Kramer rejected it, saying it was written in English and was an insult to his religion, jail records show.

    Last month, Kramer filed a lawsuit in federal court over many of the same issues.

    And over a hundred other things. The guy is unreal.

    This is what Gwinnett DA had to say about the whole thing (which made me laugh the most): “By the time he came back to Georgia, they were begging to get him out of Connecticut,” Gwinnett DA Danny Porter said. “And, they dropped charges so that I can’t send him back.”
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    That's no big deal, there was this drug addict singer once that molested many boys and paid off the parents of the ones that complained. He somehow always managed to slither out of any conviction, but at least he became a social pariah for a few years. After he dies a junkie death covered with open sores on his body, he gets thrown a celebrity funeral bigger then most heads of state and kings. :facepalm:

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    Dragoncon dude never made Thriller, he's not getting any concert. Also, I believe this guy was prominently featured in some documentary about these conventions a few years ago, I'd be curious to know if anyone remembers the name of it.
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    Sounds to me like this dude doesn't really yet get what the word "jail" means. Last time I checked, it wasn't a hotel, which bends over backwards to accommodate your every want or need. And ask him if every Bible, candle and any other prop used during a religious rite was to suddenly cease to exist, would his faith also disappear? Story of Hanukkah, anyone?

    People who need props and other physical things (including a house of worship) to profess their faith are frauds...but that's part of his m.o., apparently. :dontknow:
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    what's Dragoncon?
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    Have a friend in the business (he used to work for DC) and he's been adamantly protesting this guy. Fans and friends of Kramer have gone so far as harassing people who speak out against Kramer-phone calls, showing up at their homes, hacking their FB/websites. These people are fucked in the head (especially with the reports of sexual abuse/harassment happening at the con itself). The fact that the Con is feigning ignorance and saying that they "can't" stop paying Kramer is utterly ridiculous.
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    Truth .... :coffee: