Electric Eel calls

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    I was listening to a new TP compilaition on YouTube. I came across a segment that I never heard before where Gunky talks to a man who claimed to have fucked his wife's "trach-hole" or Stoma. The guy was very well spoken and articulate and not at all sad or affected when talking about his recently deceased wife and from what I read on the internet, a Stoma isn't even big enough to fit an erect penis inside anyway. This was obviously an "Electric Eel" call or a fake bit. Aside from the hypocritical nature of having fake bits being featured on a show built on "honesty", what was the point of these stupid segments? My guess is that Gunky thought they would be "edgy" and outrageous as well as a great time filler. My question is, when did it become known that these segments were fake and how did that come about? Can any fellow shedders help me out with a timeline or some back story?
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