Eli Braden interview on Splitsider.

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    Just found this interview posted last week on Splitsider. Apologies if it has been posted already.


    Comedian Eli Braden has an impressive 58,000 Twitter followers, but that’s nothing compared to the 6 million SiriusXM subscribers who routinely hear his parody songs.
    Fans of the Howard Stern Show know Braden (@elibraden) as the comedian/musician who regularly provides the show’sraunchy parody songs introducing Robin Quivers, Stern’s well-endowed news anchor. (Sample “Robin’s Double G’s†sung to the tune of “Up on Cripple Creek.â€)
    Though Braden’s songs are admittedly lowbrow, the jokes in his popular Twitter feed are often extremely clever and have drawn such fans as “Weird Al†Yankovic and Molly McNearney, Jimmy Kimmel Live’s head writer who gave Braden a tryout writing on the show. He now makes his living writing for several TV shows, in addition to performing live.

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