Fantasy Football/Michael Rappaport - What's In This For Howard?

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    This is the second or third time Howard has had a call in from this guy to discuss fantasy football and the staff's league. Howard hates football and hates anything his staff does that might be fun or take their time away from the show yet he still has this guy on. Today's segment was half an hour and was essentially an interview in the show's first half hour. Is there a tie in with another Sirius channel or is he getting marbles for promoting this guy.


    Michael Rapaport Calls In. 01/07/15. 7:15am
    Howard said he has Michael Rapaport on the phone. He said they were talking about the Fantasy Football thing yesterday. He said Michael is in that. Howard said he has to tell him how good he was in Justified. Michael thanked him for that. He asked how Robin is doing. Robin said she feels great. He said that's great.
    Howard said Michael played a hill Billy in Justified and he barely recognized him. He said he must have put some weight on for the role. Michael said that he didn't do it for the role but he is up to 210 or 215 pounds. He said he's 6'2'' tall though.

    Robin said they heard some of his podcast and she thinks he was doing the trash talking right. Michael said that's the way you do it. Michael said that's what he thought. He said that he was also asked to be in the league and he wasn't the one who asked.

    Howard asked Gary if it was great that he won after he talked shit to him. Gary said it was great. He said that you can look like a fool in that whole thing. Gary said Michael was number 1 for most of the season. He said 6 people get into the playoffs. He told Howard how Michael screwed up by taking Peyton Manning out in the last week. Michael said he doesn't remember what the reason was for that. He said it really didn't matter though. Gary said it did matter. He explained why.

    Michael said that Scott the Engineer turned out to be the coolest guy in the league. He told Howard how some of the guys don't get how to do the trash talking thing.

    Michael told Howard that the guys there were kissing Matt Berry's ass. Howard said he's considered a guru of fantasy football. Michael said he has a 12 year old son that helped him.

    Howard had Matthew Berry on the phone so he picked up on him. Matt said that Michael is good with the trash talking. Gary said that Michael sent over 100 group emails and he probably sent 350 total to different people. Howard asked if the acting work was slow over those months. Michael said he has his phone on him all the time. He said it was a mental ploy. He said that these guys took the bait. He said they're not really playing football. Matt said that the guys are all working on the show. Michael said he's working too. Matt said the second thing he'll say is that the only thing that matters is the championship. He said that the regular season doesn't really matter. Matt said he was trying to gear his thing to the win.

    Michael said he just wants some acknowledgement that this hurts Matt. He said he took him down like a stuck pig. Howard said that must kill Matthew. Michael said it did. Matthew said he's in a ton of leagues and he wants to do well. He said both of them made the playoffs. He said that Michael lost the week after he did. He said they were very close.

    Michael said that Matthew played on these weak guys in the league. Gary said that Matthew predicted that Michael will finish last next season. Michael said he's willing to bet $5,000 that he won't. He said he'll give it to Howard's wife's charity of he loses. Matthew said at the beginning of the year he said he wanted to do that bet this season. He said that now Michael is willing to do it. He said that he will make that bet that he'll beat Michael next season. Michael said no to that. He said he just wants to bet that he won't come in last. Matt said that he just wants to bet that he'll beat Michael. Howard asked if Michael will take that. Michael said hell yes to that. He said 5 grand for that bet. Matthew said that it's whoever is ranked higher. Gary said this is going to get ugly now. He said everything is going to be scrutinized.

    Michael asked how the winnings are $600. He said they're all working and they can only drum up that much. Howard asked how much he would put in. Michael said he'll put in anything. He said he's willing to put that 5 grand up. He said he knows not everyone will do that. He said they should get a sponsor or something to help out with that.

    Michael said they have some really weird shit for the losers too. He said he didn't want to do any cum stained t-shirts or anything like that. He said he's not up for that. Matthew said that the punishment thing is kind of weak. He said they should change that. Gary said that they put out 5 potential punishments and no one wanted to do them.

    Howard asked Michael what he wants them to do. Michael said that it can't be anything gay. He said it brings back too many bad memories. Howard asked what memories it brings up. Michael said it just got strange very quick.

    Howard said that maybe they could walk around with a sign on them saying ''I Like Cock'' or something. Michael asked why it has to come down to that. Gary said that Michael is always talking about how he's going to fuck him in the ass and he's pushing the shit back up his ass. Michael said that's all mental tactics. Howard said that Michael doesn't want to do anything gay but all of his fantasies are gay things. Michael said he knows but those were just tactics.

    Michael told Matt to admit that he lost to him. Howard said it had to hurt. Michael said that he knew he was furious because he wrote him a 2 page letter and made two spelling errors. Matt said that he shouldn't talk about spelling because all of his emails are filled with misspellings. Howard said Michael was expelled from high school so he has an excuse. Howard asked how he got expelled. Michael said he went to 9 different schools from the third grade to the 12th. He said that he was a third grader and he punched the principal. He said that he was disruptive. He said he was ADHD and all of that. Howard asked how old he was when he got kicked out last. Michael said he was 18 and graduated. He said he did manage to do that.

    Sal said that he will grow 2 weeks of cheese on his cock to give to Michael. He said he has to step up and take it if he's going to be the man. Michael said he's not going to do that. He said Sal is a sick animal. Sal said he's the one who wants to fuck Gary in the ass.

    Howard said it has to be an embarrassment for Matt to lose to Michael. Michael told him to just say it. Matthew said that you do want to win every match but in a week anything can happen.

    Howard asked Matthew about being in the Jay Z league and what kind of stakes they have there. Matt said they may not want him to say. Howard asked who won that league. Matt said a guy from Atlantic Records won that one. Howard asked where Matt came in on that one. Matt said he sort of works with Jay and he's not technically in the league. Michael said that Jay Z could get any advisor he wants but the guy loses to Michael Rapaport.

    Howard said this is fucking crazy. Matt said this part sucks. He said that it can change quickly though. Gary said at the start of the season he said that there was a lot of luck involved and now when you win there is no luck involved. Matt said that Gary made two huge moves that helped him win. He told Howard about what he did. Michael said that Jason blocked him from getting that guy that Gary got. He said they have weird rules in their league.

    Gary said the weird rule is that the loser of the league gets to pick first. He said the new guy picks last. He said it's not an unfair block. Howard said he has to move on. He let the guys get in some plugs. Michael said it's great to be on the show. He said he's such a fan. Howard thanked him for that. He said he appreciates them talking to him. Howard thanked him and Matthew Berry for calling. They went to break a short time later.
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    honestly i think its just filler...

    think bout it ... 3 day work week with half of it being filled whith this shit
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    I think it's "wigger-week" and he's having on Jerry Ferrera, Ashton Kutcher, and Marky Mark on next week too. I think Rapaport was over Gary's giving Lucas private wigger lessons too??




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    Kills time; unfunny; probably a pre-soliciting contract requirement for a sports gambling or fantasy sports D-List advertiser web site, coming soon ...
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    I like a little testosterone on the show. I wish he was on more.
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