News Fight on New Jersey Transit River line Light Rail Service

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    I have taken this train several times. It travels from Camden to Trenton, unfortunately it stops in many "Reggie" communities along the Delaware River. I have never felt safe on it and stop taking it. There is a guy that drives the two car train but no one collects tickets. They randomly have plain clothes employees who get on the train and ask to see your ticket. It's an honor system similar to the one they use in Seattle. If you don't have a ticket they issue a summons where you have to pay a hefty fine. The driver is isolated and fights like this break out all the time. It's inexpensive so the "Reggies" like to hop off and on going from one community to another. I doubt many of them even buy tickets. They don't show up in court and if the plain clothes throw them off they just hop on the next train.

    DELANCO >> Things got all sorts of crazy on the River Line this past weekend at the Delanco station stop.

    In a video posted to YouTube, the New Jersey Transit hub became an ugly fight scene between two groups — one white, the other African-American — exchanging punches, kicks, shoves and knees.
    A New Jersey Transit spokeswoman said the agency is aware of the video, which police determined to be shot at 7:43 p.m. on Saturday.
    “The investigation is still ongoing,” spokeswoman Lisa Torbic said Wednesday. “There were New Jersey Transit Police nearby the River Line station where this occurred. They arrived soon after they got the call within a few moments and they took care of the scene as appropriate.”
    The full-on brawl takes place mostly on the platform outside the River Line train, where a passenger inside the car is shooting the footage, the 1-minute video shows.
    During the melee, two white men could be seen crawling on the ground just outside the train after one of them is thrown into the door. A man wearing a pink hoody, who can be seen grabbing butt at one point, attempts to kick the men while they are down. This all unfolds while one man repeatedly shouts “get right.”
    One of the black guys is eventually restrained by two white men as one of them standing on top of a bench tries to knee the man in the head.
    “Let my man get back on the train,” one passenger pleads.
    That’s when one of the most bizarre apparent hostage exchanges unfolds.
    The four white guys bring the dread-locked man back to the train and eventually let him get on.
    The aftermath shows ripped clothing and one man with a bloody mouth as he sends off the people he just fought.
    The River Line, a light rail, commutes along the Delaware River between Trenton and Camden with nearly 20 stops in between. Delanco is in the middle of the route.

    New Jersey Transit has its own police unit, which patrols the service.

    “Officers in uniform and in plain clothes will be on the train at all times, so the general public doesn’t know if (an officer) is on the train or not,” Torbic said.

    New Jersey Transit declined to provide a tip line number to help identify the individuals in the fight video.
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    Looks like things have changed since George Washington crossed the bitch.
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    Listen to that guy yell "Get right"!. I'm going to use that the next fight I see.
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    Camden to Trenton? What is it, the Reggie version of Rt 130?
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    No black chicks getting their boobs exposed? Feh.