Fired Rutgers coach's new gig

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    When Mike Rice was fired after the release of an outrageous video in which heabuses and berates his players at practice, the last place one would expect him to be working is a youth league.
    Yet, according to a report, that is exactly where Rice -- whose behavior at Rutgers included physical abuse of players and use of homophobic slurs -- is prowling the sidelines.
    Brian Geltzeiler, founder of the website, tweeted about a spotting of the former basketball Rutgers coach this weekend at Rice's 12-year-old daughter's AAU game.

    One of my moles is watching Mike Rice coach 12 year old girls at Holmdel High in NJ right now as crazy as ever yelling @ both refs and kids

    Just this afternoon Rice told a 12 year old girl,"I can't even look at you" and the ref told my guy he would have T'd him up 2x if it was HS

    I wonder if instead of basketballs he threw Tampons at the girls. Or he hurled an insult like. "In 10 years you will be a Lesbian and be playing in the WNBA".

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    rice didnt do anything worse than 80% of other coaches.
    they filmed him for thousands of hours and only found 30 secs of questionable stuff? paleae. the guy is a mouse.
    and how does the director get fired by the pres, when the pres supported his decision at the time
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