Entertainment Flashback: Radar's snark, venom dates back years

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    Howard Stern Freaks Out His Bitch

    At Thursday night’s DogCatemy party in Manhattan, shock jock Howard Stern kept his female on a tight leash—one of them, anyway. Stern arrived with Beth Ostrosky, his fiancée, and Bianca Romijn-Stamos-O’Connell, his English bulldog.

    “This is all overwhelming for her,” Stern said, pointing to his jowly hound as dogs barked and sniffed all around the red carpet.


    Beth Ostrosky has found herself under attack many times from his rabid fans and haters alike for her tireless work with rescue animals, but in an exclusive interview with RadarOnline.com the shock jock’s wife says slams the critics and says “I am proud to be a crazy cat lady.” The stunning blonde is hosting the Kitten Bowl during Sunday’s Super Bowl game. "I am saving lives."

    A rogue troupe of Howard Stern fans-turned-haters
    have relentlessly waged war on the 59-year-old, his wife and his daughters.
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