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    My father died early this morning, those who have known me well over the years will understand the mixed emotions coming with his death. Sadness, grief, anger, relief, frustration are only a few. But the overriding one is peace, and gladly with no regrets.
    I can thank him for giving me life, and brothers and a sister who I love with no bounds, and from them, five nieces and nephews who I know will carry our family into a future of love, respect, kindness and joy.

    "The only way to overcome pain caused by an instrumental figure in one's life is to forgive, but the definition of that word is often misunderstood. Forgiveness is about relieving oneself of resentment.
    Forgiveness isn't about saying, 'It's OK,' or that you 'accept' or 'approve' what happened, Forgiveness is the acknowledgment that what happened, happened, and that you are now ready to set down the baggage, the pain and the fear.
    There simply is no other way, When a person forgives they no longer take action based on feelings of revenge, anger or fear, but instead make decisions based on their own character.
    If I consider myself a good person, a generous person, but then act meanly or selfishly because someone has treated me that way, then I allow their actions to determine my character and my actions.
    Without taking the proper steps to grieve and let go, pain can become part of one's identity.
    (Retribution) does no virtue for you. It will create the illusion that you've done something valuable for yourself,
    Resolving that pain comes down to a key phrase: I remember the time that you did this, and I'm not going to let the memory of that event hurt me anymore".----various words of wisdom from---Russell Friedman and Becky Blanton


    After the thread I made about my friend, I'm grateful I can close this, without comment --

    Forgive those who have done you harm, not for them, but for you--don't let their actions define you
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