Fun Getting Your Face Smashed 200Feet In The Air....

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    Sky ride carriages out of control at Cardiff Winter Wonderland
    Riders left dangling 200ft in the air as wind causes empty seats to crash into people on world's tallest portable swing

    By Telegraph reporters, Video source Facebook/Leanne Williams

    8:01AM GMT 07 Dec 2014


    Riders were left dangling 196ft in the air after winds caused empty seats to crash in to people on board other carriages

    The terrifying moment when carriages on a 200ft-high ride crash into each other at Cardiff's Winter Wonderland has been captured on video.

    Amusement riders seated on the Sky Swing, the world's tallest portable swing, were left dangling in the air after winds apparently caused empty seats to crash in to people on board other carriages.

    The footage, which lasts just under three minutes, was captured by onlooker Leanne Williams on the ground.

    It was posted to YouTube on with the caption: "Just a warning to anyone who goes to Winter Wonderland (Cardiff) be aware of this ride. Watch and see what happens. Scariest moment of my life."

    The terror starts with around 14 people seated on the ride as it rises in to the air.

    It appears to be running smoothly until roughly a minute later when two vacant seats start swinging alarmingly out of sync with those carrying passengers, apparently after being caught by a gust of wind.

    As they gain momentum, the carriages begging to sway increasingly, eventually colliding with those carrying passengers.

    With the incident unfolding, one lady screams: "I can't look" while another man says: "It looks like it's going to hit them."

    Another lady says: "The empty swings are going crazy. "Oh my God, I can't watch. That empty swing is actually quite scary.

    "Oh my God it has actually hit them. They've stopped the ride."

    The Sky Swing then abruptly halts with everyone aboard left dangling hundreds of feet above Cardiff. Cardiff Council, which organises Winter Wonderland, and Sayers Amusements, a Port Talbot-based firm which operates Sky Ride, have been asked to comment.

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    Operator error? I would think some counter weight in the swings would be necessary.
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    This is why I rarely go to these parks. When I do, I spend most of my time attempting to fuck the sword swallowing chick
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    Gee, a buncha rides run by illegals... What could go wrong
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