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    Please share your terrible hotel stories also [​IMG]
    This is in Louisiana:
    “putrid,roach infested,crackhead prostitutes,and drug dealersâ€
    [​IMG]Reviewed July 11, 2010
    If you like drugs,prostitues,roaches,bed mites,mold in the bathroom,molded water soaked carpet,an ice cooler at the office with enough bacteria and slime in it to infect half the state.You will feel right at home.
    I brought Crews in from work in Baton Rouge and with in the first 24hrs this is what we came in contact with.It only took me one more day to move myself and 17 workers to a better hotel.Then the owner tried to over charge me about $700.00.
    If you can't find any other place to stay in a fifty mile radius, STAY IN YOUR CAR ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.
    This was by far the worse experience I have ever encountered.
    I read some of the reveiws before I got there and thought that they had been exadurated but by all means they were more than nice about it.

    • Stayed June 2010, traveled on business.
    • Manhattan:“Its so bad its funny...â€[​IMG]Reviewed February 21, 2011
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      The earlier reviews are true in every respect. I will start with the only positives - our room was quite big, and we had a TV with BBC. But its downhill from there...

      The location leaves a lot to be desired, unless you happen to be a free-lance exotic dancer. Nestled in a district of sex shops and strip clubs, the area attracts the sort of people that you would cross the street to avoid. As you enter the hotel, you are greeted by decor that is almost medival - and a strange old man who is always angry; and ironically smoking a cigar next to the 'no smoking' sign.

      Next, you enter the lift - I have seen suicide attempts that adhere to more health and safety measures. Seriously - take the stairs. It rather optimistically has a four person maximum capacity - God help you if one of your companions happens to be fat...

      In the hallways, the walls are carpeted - but at least the carpet is almost clean; unlike the carpet on the floor. The same story continues in the room; there hasn't even been an attempt to clean it. The floors and surfaces are coated in dust; as well as a whole host of stains that I will not describe in detail in fear of putting you off your dinner. Our room had two doors, one at either end of the room. Neither seemed secure.

      The view from the window was rediculous. It looked out at a concrete slab about two metres away. As we were on the fifth floor, it was about a twenty metre drop to the floor below, and twenty metres upwards until you reach daylight. This meant that it felt like 3am all day, and opening the window did not affect the heat of the room whatsoever - it was like sleeping in a sauna. Some of the bed-sheets had been washed; but some still had hairs on them. The matress was so soft you almost fell through it. I opened the drawers, and then hastily shut them, they reeked of tobacco just like the hotel lobby.

      Our room had only one bug (which was in the bath when we arrived) but other rooms did have bed bugs - we were lucky! The bathroom was covered in body hairs, and for the first two days, the sink wouldn't drain at all. There was no shower curtain, and the shower was very inconsistant in terms of heat. There was a not so mysterious yellow stain under the toilet and brown stains on some of the towels. There was also a man going around rooms when we arrived asking to use peoples showers (I don't know why he'd want to). Once informed, the hotel owner grabbed a stick and went searching for him.

      The room did not have a safe - and it really needs one. The TV also did not have a remote control.

      The 'continental' breakfast was cheap packaged bread, cheap salami, and plastic-wrapped cheese. I didn't try it - I value my life. I can only imagine how it tasted...

      Yes - it is near to the centre of Brussels; but so are so many other reasonable hotels - they can't all be this bad. Seriously, do not do it; there are prisons that are luxurious by Hotel Manhattan's standards.

      And before you ask yourself, "can it really be that bad?" Trust me, yes it can.
      • Stayed February 2011

    Same place in Manhattan:
    “Avoid at all costs - infested with bed bugsâ€
    Reviewed January 11, 2011
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    I spent one night in the Manhattan in September 2010, and was very badly bitten by bed bugs. I am not normally affected by insect bites but these were extremely painful for weeks. When I warned the management they clearly knew it was an issue and refunded half my accommodation cost.

    I am also quite nervous that the bugs may have travelled back to my home in my luggage, as I have recently seem a couple of small insects and was bitten by something yesterday (apparently they can live in soft furnishings etc for many months).

    My very strong recommendation is to avoid this hotel at all costs. It should, surely, be closed by the authorities.

    Stayed September 2010, traveled on business
    This is in New York:
    “Go and sleep on the subway, it’s cleanerâ€
    The exterior looks like the Chicago motel home of Jake and Elwood Blues, with the bustle of Times Square instead of constantly-rattling El Trains. The no-tell motel made’s 2007 list of the dirtiest hotels in America. “We believe the 9th floor is the point of origin for every bacteria known to man,†writes TripAdvisor user kevinWestMids.
    Writes user caio_cunha: “The hotel itself remembered a bad horror movie.†(Hmm…)
    “The first room I stayed (for 30 minutes) had such a terrible plumbing problem that the roof was falling in pieces all over the bed,†caio_cunha continues. “The second room I got was so dirty and smelly that I had to buy sheets to sleep in. There were spit marks on the wall, the AC had 1 inch of dirt on the filter and when we turned the shower on, it was impossible to keep the water in the bathroom. I felt sick every minute I spent on this hotel. I could never imagine to find such a trash place, not even in my worst nigtmares…â€
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    Hotel Derek at Westheimer and 610 in Houston - terrible.

    I always wondered why the place was in and out of bankruptcy the 8 years I lived in Houston. Prime location right at the Galleria, etc. Then I stayed there the last time I was in town and found out why.

    The place fucking sucks. Thinnest walls I've ever seen in a room. Heard the guy coughing next door. Two fags arguing in hallway at 3am. Had to call the front desk. Drunken cunt trying to access our room via that door that connects rooms. Almost had to choke a bitch.

    Never again.
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    Cry more
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    hotel impossible is pretty good, like that bald busting balls.:cool: