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    Today's friday, so the news cycle for this week is coming to an end. To that, I say good riddance.

    Over the past week, we watched a story of 9 lives meeting a tragic end at the hands of a maniac. When there was little outrage over a poorly written manifesto, and a complete lack of disagreement on the merits of the issue (does anyone defend this moron), the press decided to create controversy by plastering up old favorites: racism, gun control and the confederate flag.

    By monday, the original story had been lost in the buzz of the confederate flag "issue" and promptly forgotten.

    The good news is that the racist and gun control angles never picked up steam. Seems the American people have become so numb to those that they don't generate enough newspaper sales or ad revenue.

    The bad news was that news bias was again on proud display. Folks with nothing to donwith South Carolina, weighing in with their opinion and only broadcasting those that agree with their viewpoint or token idiots that disagree.

    Props to Jim Webb.

    I say good riddance to this news cycle. And look forward to what next week has to offer, since we will have forgotten this week at the strike of 5:00
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