Google running ads for transexual business

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    The times, they are the changin'

    Transgender man the focus of new Google ad
    BY Meredith Engel
    Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 11:17 AM

    Google is the latest company using Pride Month to make a sale.

    The search engine's commerce spinoff, Google My Business, has a new ad for a Missouri gym that welcomes transgender men.

    Hailee Bland Walsh, the owner of City Gym in Kansas City, said her studio "should be more than a place to work out. It should be a place to belong."

    [​IMG] Google+/via YouTUbe
    City Gym in Kansas City has a workout group for transgender men.
    It’s not clear that the ad is for the search giants — whose My Business feature helps companies get on Google searches, maps and Google+ — until the end of the clip.

    Instead, it focuses on the transition of one of its members from female to male.

    [​IMG] Google+/via YouTUbe
    Gym owner Hailee Bland Walsh says in a new Google ad that she wants her gym to be a place where all people can feel welcome.
    It's not the only company courting the LBGTQ population for Pride Month.

    On Monday, yogurt purveyor Chobani released a steamy ad featuring a lesbian couple cavorting in bed.

    [​IMG] Chobani/via YouTube
    Chobani featured a lesbian couple in its new ad.
    "We're a national food company that has beliefs, from animal welfare to equality," Peter McGuinness, Chobani's chief marketing officer told the Daily News.

    Tylenol also has a new ad that features gay and lesbian couples, and in December, the brand introduced one with a blended family that included a woman, her ex-husband and her new wife.

    Other companies that have recently taken a pro-gay stance in their ads include Tiffany and Co. and Wells Fargo.