Have you ever driven into a flood like Howwig or had a spinout?

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    I just saw a spin out on the highway behind me on I-05, luckily there were about 6 or more lanes with the exit ramp lane and the HOV lane in that area. I heard a thump and then see a large white pickup truck doing a 360 and then sliding sideways off the road, medium traffic I was only doing 65 cause it was drizzling and I don't know if he has a blowout or road over something. This was all in my rear view mirror and it looked like slow motion. I see his skidding towards a car in the slow lane, luckily that car went into the grassy shoulder to avoid a hit, but it looked scary. And then a few seconds later another car scooted 3 lanes over and I don't know if he was pulling over to see what happened or if something happened to him like a slippery spot.

    One time in NJ I was on route 1 coming back from New Brunswick and it was at night and in the winter. I was on that bridge that used to have a flee market on the south side at the end. I did a 360 and it was scary as hit, but luckily there was not a lot of traffic and I didn't come close to the end.

    With the flood, one day I was coming back from down the shore. the Parkway was closed, it was rainy and stormy but there was no way to know why. We had to take this giant detour that was several miles., getting back towards the parkway I see a brook that overflowed. I had a shitty car and I tried to cross it and my car died. I got out and it was raining hard and I tired to push it, said a prayer and I don't know how, but i was able to push it out of the stream of water and it started back up.