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    WATCH: Ford tricks men into a blind date with a professional stunt driver
    The online video features men who meet with a beautiful lady at a coffee shop, who then volunteers to give them a ride in her 2015 Mustang. But their date is actually a pro who takes them on an unforgettable joyride.
    BY Joel Landau
    Sunday, February 15, 2015, 2:27 PM
    This is one girl who doesn't mind being described as fast.

    A mysterious woman sent quite a few blind dates home with their hearts racing and heads spinning, but it had nothing to do with romance.

    They were unwittingly a part of a prank from Ford that told the men they were being set up.

    They were set up, all right. But not with a woman. They were set up by thinking their date had no idea how to drive her 2015 Mustang when she is in fact a professional stunt driver.

    The hilarious online video shows the men meet their blind date at a coffee shop and then she offers them a ride in her red 2015 Mustang.

    Once inside, the macho men try to show off as the woman plays dumb.

    The woman refused to take offers from the men to drive the 2015 Mustang.
    But she refuses offers to let them drive or show her what to do, and quickly they eat their words when she sets the vehicle loose in an empty parking lot.

    Pretty soon the guys' focus is off their date and just trying to hold on for dear life as she burns rubber on the pavement and does a few doughnuts that cause smoke to form all around the vehicle.

    When it's over the gentlemen catch their breath and apologize for their earlier presumptions of her driving ability.

    "I guess you're showing me how to drive this thing, aren't you?" admits one bachelor.