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    [​IMG]A gay love spell is casted to gain the affection of a person of the same sex, to attract a man to a man. On the one hand, a gay love spell is easier than a regular one, but on the other hand, it’s not. It can be considered simple if the object has a positive attitude towards same-sex love. In this case, his new feelings will be natural and the person won’t resist them.

    However, if this man is heterosexual and someone’s trying to put a love spell on him, it may result in a strong feeling of rejection, fear and in some cases psychosis.

    A heterosexual person may get scared and think he has some mental disorder. That way, he may start avoiding the person who had the love spell put on him. There is also a possibility that he will try to cure himself and may end up applying to a magician who will tell him the truth and remove the gay love spell.

    So if you are going to have a love spell put on a heterosexual man, remember that it may give no results, since it’s important to influence not only this person’s mind and psychic, but also change his outlook. That way, your attempts may be crowned with success.

    There are a number of techniques to influence a person’s mind by casting a same-sex love spell, yet each one requires certain skills and knowledge. This is why it’s better to apply to a professional. Also, you can try to do it from home using, let’s say, a phantom.

    So, fall into a trance and imagine the object you want to direct your influence at. Suggest an idea to him with a short phrase (make sure you’re directing your order straight to the person’s forehead).

    Say something like “you are gay,” “you love gays,” or in case the person already likes gays, “you love <name>.”

    Repeat it at least every two weeks at one and the same time, preferably in the evening. This is when people are tired and especially susceptible to any external influence.

    After that (or if the person treats homosexual people well from the start), a gay love spell can be casted.

    Technically, same-sex love spells and regular love spells are very similar. However, same-sex love spells may have some modifications. Best results are achieved if the magician applies for help from ancient gods who are patronizing same-sex love.

    One of them is Xochipilli. He is an ancient Aztec god, the patron of men’s homosexuality and prostitution. With his help, it’s easy to cast a gay love spell on a person whose energy is close to that of an American Indian. There are other gods patronizing homosexuality as well.

    To cast a love spell, take two photographs: your photograph and a photograph of the person you want to put a love spell on. Put the two photographs face to face, take a red candle and spill some drops of wax around them, while saying the following spell,

    “I call to you, great Xochipilli, for help. Turn the heart of ˂name of the one you love˃ to me ˂your name˃, enslave feelings and soul. Make ˂name of the one you love˃ dream of me ˂your name˃ only, and the heart of ˂name of the one you love˃ burn in a love fire, you seize it with the power of passion, make ˂name of the one you love˃ love me and long for my love.”

    Repeat the spell three times, put the photograph under your bed sheet (where you genitals are) and leave it there for five days. After that, put the photograph under the threshold of the object’s home to make sure he steps it over as often as possible.

    The photograph under the threshold, make a present to the god by going to a forest and leaving on a flat stump or stone a bottle of red wine, whispering,

    “Xochipilli, the wine’s yours and ˂name of the one you love˃ is mine.”
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    Satanic Temple Makes Deceased Westboro Baptists “Gay Forever” In Pink Mass Ceremony


    Members of the Westboro Baptist “Church” got a taste of their own crazy medicine this week as a New York-based Satanic Temple performed a “Pink Mass” ceremony at the Mississippi gravesite of Catherine Johnston, WBC founder Fred Phelps’ mother. The group claims their actions, under the power of a horned Satanic priest, have cast an irreversible spell that has made Ms. Johnston “gay forever.” Mwahaha.

    Based on the Mormon practice of postmortem baptism, the unique Pink Mass ceremony took place twice last Sunday. Two same-sex couples—one male and one female—each kissed and “expressed their love” at the gravesite before the Sanderson sisters a high priest, who recited an incantation. The group now claims that every time a same-sex couple kisses at the gravesite, the now-gay Ms. Johnston will be pleasured in the afterlife.

    “We believe that Fred Phelps is obligated to believe that his mother is now gay in the afterlife,” said Temple spokesman Lucien Greaves. “Further, if beliefs are inviolable rights, nobody has the right to challenge our right to believe that Fred Phelps believes that his mother is now gay.”

    To further itch under the WBC’s skin, the group has vowed to perform similar ceremonies at the final resting places of Phelps’ mother and other extended family members “each time [the Church] picket funerals or applaud horrific terrorist actions, as they are known to do.”

    Best of all, the Temple hopes their stunt will raise enough money to fund their ultimate dream: Participating in New York City DOT’s Adopt-A-Highway Program. Excess funds will be used to throw an incredible Teen Witch dance party.
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    I've been waiting my entire life for this information.