How to handle hecklers, Turkish style

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    Turkish Prime Minister talks with his fists

    Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s prime minister, faced fresh allegations on Saturday over his conduct following the country’s worst mine disaster after he was heard telling protesters they would be “slapped” for booing him.

    A recording of the threat was made public after the Turkish leader allegedly punched a man in a supermarket in the western town of Soma as crowds voiced anger over the tragedy.

    The government yesterday said rescue workers had ended rescue efforts after retrieving the bodies of the last two missing miners, with the final death toll put at 301.

    “What happened, happened. It is from God,” Mr Erdogan is heard saying in footage aired by DHA, a Turkish broadcaster. “If you boo the country’s prime minister, you get slapped.”

    In a separate recording, Mr Erdogan – a fierce critic of Israel – was heard issuing anti-Israeli epithets at a protester, saying: “Why are you running away, Israeli spawn?”

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    Criticism of his behaviour intensified further when Evrensel, a Turkish newspaper, reported that he repeatedly punched a teenage girl who had shouted at him: “What is the murderer of my father doing here?”
    “The girl was saying, ‘don’t do it, brother’. I’ve never seen anything like this. I was horrified,” the paper quoted an eyewitness, identified only by her initials, GK, as saying. “How can a prime minister do something like this? What is this fury?”
    The incident was alleged to have happened in the same supermarket where it was claimed that Mr Erdogan assaulted Taner Kuruca, who worked in the mine where the last Tuesday’s fatal accident struck.
    Eyewitnesses told The Telegraph that Mr Kucura was not a protester and merely shopping in the supermarket when the incident occurred. TV footage showed him being set upon by bodyguards, who were later said to have removed the store’s CCTV recording.

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