Howard DID MENTION Ralph Last Week....."I have a GUY to do this & a GUY to do that" !

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by BenBas, Dec 5, 2012.

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    Jan 10, 2012
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    Yep...HOW MANY GUYS are on Howard's PayRoll????? :dontknow:
    Is he that busy he can't program his TV shows?? or put ID stickers on his
    IPad case??

    So is ANYONE LISTENING to the show??? I never see threads analyzing
    the show like I DO! haha

    Last week I wasn't posting....(still recovering from Sandy) :eek:
    but I heard the replay Sunday Night....

    Howard was discussing taping TV shows....he said "I have a GUY who does nothing but TAPE TV SHOWS FOR ME" does he pay this guy???
    Is it JD??? I guess he pays him a few hundred a week?? :rolleye: or an hourly wage?

    THEN he's talking about putting ID stickers on his IPAD case....all his Tech cases and said he "HAS RALPH DO THAT BECAUSE HE DOESN"T PUT THE STICKERS ON AS GOOD AS RALPH DOES!!!" Oy Vey....could not believe it!

    So he did mention Ralph....So Ralph STILL IS ON THE PAYROLL?? Only he's not allowed to call into the show anymore???? :rolleye:
    Those (sfn)fans HATE Ralph??? (not me..I LIKE RALPH always did) I MISS HIM! Soooooooo
    what does he pay Ralph for this silly little "task"??? AND for buying his undies and ironing his shirts??? $150,000 a year???

    OMG :facepalm: another year of listening to Howard plugging that John Varvados dude and Ralphie Cakes DRESSING HIM IN BLACK ON BLACK?????? THe SAME outfit every show...with that same brown scarf ??

    I think by then I'll have cancelled my subscription rather than listen to this crap all summer....:facepalm: !

    I wonder how many "guys" ARE ON the Howard Stern Payroll not counting Ronnie??? no wonder he had to sign for another year with AGT...
    has to pay all these "guys" salaries for doing

    I bet he pays a "GIRL" to TWEET for him !! No way he "Tweets" ;)
    (Robin doesn't Tweet ..she has her "girl" do it) ;)

    thank you
    peace & love
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    Jan 16, 2012
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    Will you lighten up on starting threads? Holy shit. Also if you are going to start a thread don't just stop with your initial post. You are the MFB of Dawg's.
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    Dec 13, 2011
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    I have a suggestion for you, BenBas. While the show is on, jot your thoughts down on a piece of paper.
    WAIT UNTIL THE SHOW IS OVER. And then come here & start ONE thread with all your crazy blue thoughts.
    thank you,
    peace & love