Howard Imus is an asshole to George

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    Gary said George Takei is there. Howard said he knows and he's annoyed. Howard said his agent never says yes to any of this bullshit but he said yes to this. Howard said he thinks this is because his agent represents George as well.

    Howard said George wants to talk about the Japanese internment camp thing and he doesn't know anything about it. Howard said George has some woman making a film about him and they're stopping in today. He said you know no one will see the film but they want to interview him. Howard said now he has to sign release agreements and fax stuff. Gary said that George wants to come in and chat and then he wants to leave so the woman can interview him without him there. Howard asked what she's going to ask him about. Howard said he doesn't know anything about George other than what he knows from the show. Howard said he doesn't hang out with him outside the show. Robin said they'd be better off with Richard Christy since he hangs out with George outside of the show.

    Howard said this is going to be so weird. Gary said they're going to use their footage from Howard TV so they don't need another camera. Howard said that's good. He said all he needs is another bad camera angle shooting this face of his. Howard said he's the perfect guy to talk about internment camps. That's a big part of his culture.