Howard is Matt Lauer's pimp

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    He finds women for Matt using Beth's connections when she was sleeping her way through Europe and the Middle East.

    Today host Matt Lauer is making headlines again, this time for rumored marital problems with his wife of 16 years, Annette Roque. Radar Online reports that Lauer, who turns 57 on December 30, walked out on Roque and the couple’s three children amidst rumors that he was having an affair.

    According to Radar, Matt left his home in the Hamptons late last summer after a “bitter dispute” with his wife. The sources state that the argument started after photographs surfaced of the morning show host “relaxing on a boat” with an un-named woman. Lauer reportedly moved to the couple’s apartment in New York City, leaving his wife and three children behind. Since the supposed summer split, Lauer is said to be back living with his family in the Hamptons “for the sake of their three kids.”

    However, the Hollywood Reporter’s sources state that Lauer was living in the city for work-related reasons, not because he left his wife. His co-host at Today, Savannah Guthrie, was out on maternity leave during the summer, and gave birth to her first child in August. Matt was apparently living in his city home temporarily while Savannah was on leave.

    “Yes, he was spending more time at the New York City apartment but that was because Savannah Guthrie was out on maternity leave. Matt didn’t take any time off for three months, and it was just easier for him to be in the city. He always tried to make it back to [Long Island] on the weekends.”

    Even if Lauer did have a “bitter dispute” with his wife, the New York Post reports that he spent plenty of time in the Hamptons over the summer, commuting from the city via helicopter — a perk that NBC gave him when he signed a $20 million-dollar-a-year deal with the network back in June.

    “As part of the deal, NBC agreed to pay for Lauer to chopper out to the Hamptons, where he has a 40-acre horse farm in Water Mill and a nearby mansion, reportedly worth $15 million.”

    Annette Roque filed for divorce in the Manhattan Supreme Court back in 2006, but there is no indication that she plans to file again. Despite the current rumors about their marital issues, Roque and Lauer quietly celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary on October 3, squashing rumors that they are headed for a split.​
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    This married talk show host has been even more obnoxious than usual and will only agree to a permanent co-host who is completely single so she will be free to hook up with him.

    Matt Lauer
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