Howard mirrors the Hollywood elite when it comes to Gay rights and other issues

Discussion in 'The Howard Stern Show' started by MutteringJohn, Mar 30, 2013.

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    I was catching up on last week's shows and finished listening to the show featuring the Gay porn actor and Omarossa. When Robin was doing the news Howard was commenting on Gay adoption in addition to trashing callers who complained about the three day week. Howard is a Hollywood clone. He sacrificed humor in the show just so Beth and him could lick the assholes of the rich and famous. Howard would be better off turning the show over to Harvey Fierstein or someone like him. He is so afraid of any group or minority that you think your listening to a news show on CNN rather than one that use to have biting comedy. I have never seen someone with such a shitty attitude just stealing a paycheck from week to week. He really had the balls to waste part of the show with a JD wants to date Katy Perry bit. Who writes this crap. If that person worked for Leno. Letterman or Kimmel they would have been fired their first day on the job. I would love for Gary to do a 2 hour with no commercials or maybe one 5 minute break so he could use the toilet "no holds barred" show where unscreened callers would just level him. Howard wouldn't do it but you could vent on Gary on every aspect of show. Gary would defend Howard and himself but in the end the callers would have him in tears. Fans of show including MFB and Bobo and the like would be excluded. It would just be negative callers. It's just a pipe dream. It will never happen. Howard could even comment the next day but all he would say it cancel your sub.