Howard Stern’s studio chair deserves a place in the Smithsonian BY Marianne Garvey

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    Comments section open. Pathetic suck-up article by who else?
    Garvey: Howard Stern’s historic studio chair deserves a place in the Smithsonian

    BY Marianne Garvey
    Sunday, May 10, 2015, 8:40 PM
    Getty Images
    Radio legend Howard Stern's famous chair is on its last legs.
    After 23-plus years supporting the King of All Media, Howard Stern’s studio chair is on the verge of collapsing. Last week, his staff warned him, it finally looked ready to crumble under the fluctuating weight of Fartman’s tuchus.

    In 2005, the chair, a high-back black leather number, held together in some places with tape, had even traveled with him the eight blocks from 92.3 K-Rock to his glorious new SiriusXM studio, where he currently reigns supreme. But as Stern’s third contract renewal at Sirius fast approaches, it was the chair that gave out first.

    So now it’s time to give it what it deserves — a respectable spot in the Smithsonian.

    Sure, he’s joked about it on air in recent weeks, saying he’s leaning toward giving it to his family, after he briefly played with the thought of giving it to a fan, who he decided in the end would unjustly sell it.

    But Stern’s throne deserves a spot in the venerable museum’s National Museum of American History in Washington, where past exhibitions have included the ruby slippers from “The Wizard of Oz,” Apolo Ohno’s speed skates from the 2002 Winter Olympics and Archie Bunker’s chair from “All in the Family.”

    The greatest living broadcaster has done more for American culture than all of the above combined. Who else has lasted nearly 40 years in the radio business, turning honest thoughts into gold, battling the FCC, and conducting some of the best celebrity interviews ever? Howard Allan Stern, that’s who.

    As a longtime fan, his evolution has been both a surprise and a joy to experience.

    Stern has farted in that chair, but he’s also fought for free speech in that chair. He’s gotten countless stars to tell him their most private tales, connecting us all while we eavesdrop in from our own boring lives. A horny toad turned feminist, a gay rights champion, he’s a voice for equal opportunity who gives praise to public servants. Everyone from truck drivers to comedians want to hear what he says next. Even after all this time.

    That chair has seen the end of one marriage and the beginning of a new one, to his wife, Beth Stern. They have a lovely sex life, by the way, he often shares the details of it with us. The chair has felt his rage, shook from his laughter, and has rattled from countless lap dances during his wild years. He sat in it while he talked a frightened New York City through 9/11.

    On Jan. 1, 2008, he dedicated the entire start of the show to the chair, after one producer had invited his daughter to sit in it during a studio tour. He was screamed at in front of millions as Stern bellowed that “no one is to touch my chair.” Stern’s loyal staff ordered him a new chair; he did some trial runs last week. He seemed to like one in particular, even though it was pulling at his shirt, he said.

    When I contacted the Smithsonian, they’d caught wind of the chair being retired, and told me, “We are not able to speculate on possible acquisitions to the permanent collection of the museum,” but are “happy to speak with potential donors.”

    So let’s get the chair where it belongs. Label it “King of All Media’s Throne.” That way, generations of fans can come gawk at it. Just don’t touch it. You how he gets about that sort of thing.
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    There's lots of crap in the Smithsonian. It will fit right in
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    His hair system should be in the Smithsonian. They could use it to dust the Spirit of St. Louis.
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    If Wiggenstein were still funny, I'd say put his microphone in the Smithsonian. Why the fuck would his chair be considered? It's a fucking radio show, no one sees the chair.
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