Howard Stern Offered For Free for XM Internet Listeners

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    Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI)appears to be offering the Best of Sirius line up on their premium XM internet service. Is this a chance to sample by Sirius XM, or is something more afoot. XM internet listeners were pleasantly surprised this morning when Best of Sirius internet was accessible, a chance to hear Howard Stern. Right now it appears that all XM internet subscribers can access the Best of Sirius line up for free. There has been no official announcement from Sirius XM on this, and it is unclear whether it is a promotion or an addition to the internet lineup as it is listed on the website as part of the XM internet lineup as shown in the photo, so how long it lasts is anybodies guess. This comes on the heels of their 3rd quarter conference call yesterday and with no news of Howard and his decision to re-sign or not being imminent. This has fueled some speculation among investors, and seems out of the ordinary seeing as how how the company has not really promoted this access outside of subscribing to XM best of Sirius. Addionally, the Best of Content is not being promoted on XM portable devices without Best of Sirius.
    If this a promotion its an excellent idea as it allows all XM internet customers to have a sample of the other sides content. If it is an internet lineup change, it could be a signal that Sirius XM is going to seriously challenge internet radio providers for their market share finally.
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    dude over on the hs forum can tell you how to get it for free..i think its xm..but has 100-101..sirus blitz..and all the other stations..i think he said he has been getting it for like a year or so....